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How to choose to a kitten a name? There are no

Probably, the person (except for that who have an allergy) who would never hold at himself pets and what problem was to choose a name for the favourite!

Most of people, for certain without thinking twice, call the kittens by guns, barsika, muska, without putting in a nickname of special sense and the imagination. Names of thoroughbred animals also a little in what differ from underbred, generally it is the long, consisting of several parts names and still titles to royal.

And if to approach this question creatively? The list of possible names increases at once, for example, it is possible to call your kitten as call asteroids, for example: Aphrodite, Arizona, Barney, Bec - Borsenberger, then your kitten for certain will be same fast and rectilinear. However it is desirable also to check with the dictionary that the name chosen by you that the name of the scientist or the continent, and something heroic is not simple, for example means.

Other option to connect two a name, for example as it was done during revolution and something will turn out it seems Bulet (bullet), made of the nicknames Brawler and Jack - such way approaches when owners cannot agree. Lack of this way - bad compatibility of some nicknames, Julia and Zita, for example.

Scientific ways of selection of the nickname - the nickname is defined by character and is chosen according to zodiac sign. Whether the kitten nickname influences character or not, for hundred percent it is not known, and still nobody will tell that the kitten who was born a few weeks ago and opened eyes, still absolutely spineless therefore it is worth becoming thoughtful whether to give a nickname, without looking narrowly at a kitten or to develop the available positive lines by means of a nickname. If you call a quiet kitty The Fury, unless it will be mobile? Or squabbler Nita? In such cases your kitty will become nervnobolny, without having adapted to the nickname. I think better for a quiet kitten to choose something similar to the similar nicknames - Baron, Bembi, Hub. And for shumlivy squabblers - Varangian, Richard.

The choice of a nickname on zodiac sign, probably, the most difficult, but it allows you to pick up a name, the most suitable and compatible to yours. Though of course it not always the fact that it is necessary for you, for example, your kitten perfectly treats you, but will not be able to coexist with other members of your family. That, it is necessary to pay services of astrologers or to rely on the intuition.

And in end some more councils: choosing a name, you remember that to say it to you and then not to utter on syllables, choose a nickname simpler, all ingenious is simple; if are not sure of the field, give such name which will be easy to be applied both to a male, and to female; not the best exit in a row to name all pets actors, heroes of cinema, the games - only in extreme cases; any of options does not approach, use the catalog of nicknames.

So if presented to you a kitten, and you do not know as to call him, do not hurry, look narrowly at him, perhaps and it is not necessary to subtilize too, and to call the Saffron milk cap, the Piece of coal, Hare, let the name bring joy and to a kitten and you.