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How to understand what should study, working?

Quite recently we stepped over line of 21 centuries. New century imposes more and more requirements to people including from the point of view of professional qualities. Was to get enough either secondary vocational education, or the highest earlier, then to fulfill 5 - 10 years in the specialty to be considered as the professional of the business. At the moment these conditions already insufficiently. It is necessary to increase constantly the level of the qualification, to study the new programs necessary for work, to pass trainings or to work with kouchy. All these actions are necessary to stay in the know of the happening changes in a profession.

In the conditions of fierce competition to the forefront there is a human factor. Many companies already realized need to invest money in training of personnel, and also managed to feel result of this training in operation. But not only businessmen or a top - managers have to realize importance of a factor of training of personnel, but also employees have to want to improve the skills. Without conscious desire to study, without need for these or those of new knowledge, no training imposed from above will give that effect which from it is expected.

The first factor of increase of your personal efficiency on a workplace is a conscious need for training, for recognition of further nuances of your profession, for increase of personal qualification. If you feel stagnation in work, you bothered monotony and conventionalism of those working processes which you do every day on the workplace - analyse what you do not know in the profession what nuances or programs you would like to know.

Not always on this question there is an answer. I can offer such way - look at vacancies by your profession, compare requirements of employers and your skills and abilities, compare that is not enough for you that you do not know yet. It is also your next zone of development you as professional. For example, you the designer, own the AutoCAD program. Having seen vacancies, saw that many employers list in the list of requirements also the 3D Max program. You can plan studying of this program for the near future.

Mastering this program, you learn something new for yourself, thereby satisfy the need for novelty. Over time the knowledge of this program can help you when in the company the competition on higher vacancy can be announced or you decide to be engaged in searches of new work.

In order that you had a need for training, you have to have an accurate knowledge of that why and for what you work. Write for yourself all reasons for which, in your opinion, you work. Define the most important factors for you. Ask yourself a question: And where exactly your interest in these reasons? . For example, you wrote for yourself the reason, such as need to provide the family. Think and what family wellbeing gives you? Believe, answers will be very different. If you really honestly answer yourself this question, then answers will vary from sharp nothing it gives me, only feeling of a burden to I feel like the significant, necessary family member . From these answers it becomes clear as far as the reason which you specified is really important for you.

Process of understanding of the true reasons, from - for whom you work, quite difficult and it it is hard to pass alone. Here can help you kouch. What is coaching? There is a lot of definitions of coaching. Here one of them: Coaching is an art to promote intensity and quality of work, training and development of other person . (Miles Downey. Director of the London school of coaching).

Kouch in the course of conversation with you helps you to reach sensibleness of your motives, to find the shortest and effective solution of problems, important for you. This way will be personally yours. You know the potential, know strong and weaknesses, know the professional experience, and know how all this knowledge base, skills, abilities, creativity, experience to transform to a uniform alloy of achievement of this or that result necessary for you.

Kouch helps you to learn to trust himself. Trust to - an important factor in the solution of these or those problems. Kouch will not solve for you your problems. Even will not give advice in the solution of this or that question. Just it will ask you questions, and you in the course of the answer to them will find unique, suitable only for you, the solution of your tasks including production. Coaching is applied as the instrument of increase of efficiency both in business, and in other fields of activity of the person.

Knowledge of the true motives forcing us to rise and go to work, allows to understand why we can derive pleasure in the course of work. Work stops being routine, monotonous process. Pleasure from work - the second, but not less important factor influencing your efficiency.