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Why so angry moderators?

Many of us, participating in various virtual communities, such as the Internet - forums, chats, communities of LiveJournal, the FIDO conference and to volume of similar, know about existence of moderators - the people keeping order and resolving disputable situations between participants.

Word moderator (Latin moderator) literally means adaptation intended for muting of a sound in a piano and grand pianos . Other values of this word from different languages: delay mechanism of nuclear reactions, quencher of fluctuations, regulator, uspokoitel.

Really, belongs to duties of the moderator, besides cleaning of garbage - generally it is senseless messages and advertizing, - active participation in life of community, analysis of conflict situations, and sometimes and encouragement or punishment of certain participants. All this demands some skills and certain personal qualities. Quite often from outside can seem that moderators are such angry uncles and tetk which smother freedom of speech and prevent our public self-expression. Let`s understand why so.

1. The moderator - too the person

I to him as to any person, it is peculiar:

- to be mistaken,

- to be irritated,

- to be upset,

- to be tired,

- enter the desirable.

Should not wait from the moderator of ideal behavior and faultless wisdom. Treat with understanding to its miscalculations and to excesses .

2. There is a lot of us - and it one

the moderator checks Every day a huge number of information - messages, personal information, the materials published by participants. And not always it does it within the main work - the most part of communities is supported and develops the volunteers interested in them. In large communities there can be several moderators, at each of which the site of work, but even at such division of labor the volume of what is daily read by each moderator, are huge. It is unsurprising that soon in his consciousness different materials are imposed at each other, and to remember who, why, where also to whom, it becomes very difficult. Therefore you should not wait for instant reaction to your problem. Stock up with patience and do not think that forgot about you - good moderators forget nobody.

3. They never read the rule! and are focused by

In communities which care for the development on a certain target audience, it is obligatory to eat rules. They are created supporting the benevolent and comfortable atmosphere, helping communication of participants. Most often to follow these rules does not make special work and if you became in any community seriously interested, surely study rules and follow them. The most part of questions of new participants disappears after that. If you did not find time to read the charter before going to others monastery, then be not surprised if you obtain some gift from the moderator. It not manifestation of its disgusting character, but care of convenience of other participants. Consider that tens, and even hundreds of people join every day some communities and to pay attention to each beginner to the moderator just once. In order that you could take care of yourself, and rules are thought up.

As you can see, by closer consideration it turns out that moderators not such and angry, and their behavior is quite explainable, it is worth presenting for a minute itself on their place. You did not want to become a moderator yet?.