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Casual sex: and what now to do?

If intelligently to approach this question, then nothing. And here if not to prepare sledge in the winter, then and winter not in pleasure. Already I represent how gynecologists and venereologists are going to turn off to me the head, and still jealous wives and husbands in addition. Horror!

But I not about dissoluteness, not about permissiveness. There is only a wish to help those who take out hundreds green for a coaxing of these gynecologists and venereologists. But we will not count someone else`s money. Let`s CONSIDER the.

It is possible to be treated infinitely. Because there are no absolutely healthy people. Well, and if you made dab and hurried to calm down, then in vain. Some microorganisms can be found, having only grown up them in a nutrient medium (to make crops). And it is kopek too. But there is more to come. Undertreated and chronic infections often come to light in blood test, and it is more anywhere.

Disturbs nothing the person, analyses excellent and... again danger - the hidden period. During the so-called incubatory period no symptoms are shown. There lives a person and rejoices, and infects others, unwillingly, without knowing about the problem. Here such thoughts in general beat off desire to have sex. Not really for a long time, truth. And if do not beat off, then after pulses in the head: And suddenly? .

When comes suddenly the despair, sometimes a gap with darling, and sometimes comes, it is even worse - problems at work (as some specialties demand passing of medical commission). Though that it is worse - difficult to choose. it is a shame to

to Tell. It is inconvenient to ask. Also you do not know at whom it is better. It is possible to run into general condemnation and fantastic national councils which these infections also transfer to the chronicle. At most, what is advised by all doctors - use condoms. Logically, but Let`s be realists, and, without speaking aloud, we admit to ourselves mentally as often we use this council. In certain cases it is simply impossible. And not because a number of a stall or a drugstore is not present. Because sometimes physiological features or age do not allow.

And if we simply travel and we sleep in thongs on beds in hotel where to us all people of the world within a week, at least fell down? And for a pajamas +45 º zharkovato whether you know. (It from life, an honest truth).

Well it is so gloomy? - you ask. Will be more cheerful further. Because it will be a question of how to minimize or even to zero risk to ache.

Now there is a set of advertizing about expensive preparations. Some think: The more expensively, the better . But the price is caused by the producer, way of production etc. And ask any familiar physician that it hlorgeksidina biglyukonat . It is difficult to read from the first, huh? And it is necessary - both to read and to get acquainted. In that case, of course, if you want to find a way out of this situation.

So, get acquainted, Hlorgeksidin is the king of antiseptics . For what such monasteries? And for universality. Depending on percentage cultivation of solution it is used for prevention and treatment of infections, for antiseptic processing of wounds and burns and, even, for processing of medical tools. It is used not only in gynecology and urology, and also in surgery and stomatology. In spite of the fact that the main use for the person - local, there are medical toothpastes with this substance, and all the acquaintance Ferveks (from a sore throat) in the form of tablets.

And in low-developed the countries processing of skin of newborns hlorgeksidiny reduces child mortality.

All this to universality. What follows from: substance - that good, but it should be able to be used. Because retseptik solution it is necessary to know. If you not the chemist and not the druggist, then do not suffer and use bicycle which was already invented. And it is called Geksikon .

It is better to stock up in advance. Suddenly the person good happens? Even, if it does not happen, treat someone from friends. Or perhaps travel will drag on, and it is necessary to spend the night in hotel where usually during change of linen the first floor changes with the second.

Anyway, the thing standing.

That the most surprising to use Geksikon it is possible even in critical days when the organism of the woman is especially subject to infections. Immunity brings us at this time. And to protect Geksikon can from a number of infections among which there is trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, clamidiosis, ureaplasmosis and even terrible syphilis . At the same time both the liver is not loaded, and your own good bacteria survive. What I cannot tell about antibiotics.

If the love happened suddenly, as at cinema, to a beating of home decoration and the torn clothes (actually, even the footwear and socks could not be removed), then you have 2 hours after explosion of passions to take measures. But 2 hours are a maximum. It is better not to push luck because, suddenly you are not capable (besides from - for these of passions) soberly to estimate time. what follows

from: put in a handbag Geksikon also you carry with yourself. It is not necessary the whole packing not to confuse incidentally glanced gentleman. Just it is enough one candle. And as to us to disguise it, the female ingenuity will prompt.