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How to make fire in any weather without the aid of matches?

Came time when many people go to the nature, to campaigns, to picnics. In such situations often it is necessary to resort to the help of fire, we make fire. The fire is and the center at which it is possible to be warmed and dry up the got wet clothes and footwear. The smoke from a fire protects from mosquitoes and midges.

We gather in a campaign.

Going hiking, put in a backpack old newspapers, dry shchepochka that it was possible to make fire in the most difficult conditions. Take with yourself a birch bark piece, on the way of it will come across much. It is necessary to remember also that the salt pinch thrown into it helps to inflame to a fire.

We protect matches.

to avoid the troubles connected with a rain, matches it is desirable to prepare specially. It becomes simply: it is necessary to impregnate them in the melted paraffin. Then matches are packed into a tight plastic bag.

Fuel for a fire. Should learn to collect by

fuel so that to take it from the wood without serious consequences, without spoiling trees and bushes. Always it is possible to find dead wood, the sukhostoyny, struck with a lightning or broken by a storm pines, fir-trees, birches, the dried-up filbert, a juniper and other fuel in the wood. Usually more it happens in backwoods, far away from an edge.

The choice of the place for a fire.

it is not as simple to b to Make fire as can seem to the beginner in this case. It is necessary to choose the place skillfully. The skilled person will never kindle fire under kroner or near trees - they can be singed and die. Sites near the ripening crops are unacceptable. You do not part it near stubs of coniferous trees, a dry grass or a moss. It is very dangerous to kindle fire on the peat soil. The most correct - to look nearby for an old campfire, do not feel sorry for those minutes which will leave at you on searches of such place.

A fire in any weather. to

to make fire in any weather, even during a rain, needs big skill. At those who seized this skill it flashes from one match. Of course, in all cases the dry chips which became obsolete branches are necessary ate. It is good to make incendiary sticks, planed of thin dry branches. The skilled traveler will lay fuel so that in the middle there will be thin branches, then - is more fat, from above - the thickest. The more strong wind blows, the stronger pours a rain, the more densely stack fuel.

If during the parking there is a continuous rain if everything got wet with a circle so that mokry there is no place, and several boxes of matches which were not in time to dampen are spent for kindling of a fire, - especially there is a wish for hot food, a tea. In this case it is necessary to look for dry trees of a krasnotal (shelyuga); those sticks which crack at withdrawal pains, - on a kindling, not cracking - on firewood. You will find krasnotat - the fire is provided, the hot food, heat, tea and light are provided.


Krasnotal, a red willow, a shelyug (Salix acutifolia), a bush or a tree (height is up to 7 m) from a sort a willow; differs naked the drill - red escapes with a gray raid. Leaves linearly - lantsetny, dlinnozaostryonny, from above dark-green, from below it is bluish - green. Grows on sandy places of Northern Kazakhstan and the European part of Russia. The close look - a willow grows in Siberia and in the Far East on coast of the rivers dewy (S. rorida). Krasnotal is very valuable to fixing of sand and as decorative. Blossoms early in the spring before emergence of leaves. Flowers are melliferous. (the Big Soviet Encyclopedia)

the Fire in the boat and on a raft - reality.

In the boat or on a raft it is possible to b to make fire too. For this purpose on a bottom of the boat it is necessary to lay the turf a grass to a boat bottom. The turf is cut not less than 15 cm thick. In the earth small deepening for firewood that they did not roll down in the boat becomes, and star fire is made. The ware over a fire can be hung up on the stick put on boat boards. Such fire can burn in the boat several days, the boat bottom thanks to cooling with water will never heat up.

Cultivation of a fire without matches. to

for this purpose to you needs what is in any house - it is potassium permanganate and glycerin.

Fill about 1 gram of the margantsovokisly potassium (potassium permanganate) pounded in small powder. Then from a pipette or from a glass tube carefully drip on it 2 - 3 drops of glycerin and quickly take away a hand. There will pass only 2 - 3 seconds, and you will see how fire will flash.

Be not fond of too big fire. In the summer around a campfire tear off a grass, and dig round a campfire even better.

Successful and safe to you rest!