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Whether the new facts about harm of smoking are known to you?

Smoking entered our life for a long time and strongly. Russia is among one of the smokers of the countries of the world. Smoke men, women, teenagers and even children. The fact that practically all smokers know about harm of this bad habit is amazing, but prefer not to think of it. Some consider that at worst they are waited by lung cancer, years in 70, but at such age all the same die, and to worry to anything if they all the same are there .

It is amazing also that financing of the majority of the researches connected by c studying of harm of smoking is carried out by the tobacco companies. They put in similar researches of money not less, than in advertizing, but results received during studying of influence of smoking on a human body mostly are concealed.

The tobacco smoke contains nitrogen, hydrogen, argon, methane and cyanic hydrogen. Many do not realize adverse effect of carbon monoxide. Some producers include the following extremely dangerous connections in the production: ethyl aldehyde, acetone, ammonia, benzene, butylamine, dimethylamine, DDT, ethylamine, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, hydrochinone, methyl alcohol, methylamine, compounds of nickel and pyridine.

Nicotine causes fast accustoming and is the DRUG easily available and almost freely extended!

One known tobacco company during 20 - ti hid years data on the valid consequences of smoking. It appears, so-called passive smoking is not less harmful to some bodies and systems, than active. Moreover, smoking causes such diseases as a cancer of a bladder, gullet, a mouth, a throat, is warm - vascular diseases, deterioration in reproductive ability, and also a cataract, pneumonia, a sharp myeloid leukosis, aneurism of a belly aorta, a stomach cancer, a pancreatic cancer, a uterus neck cancer, a cancer of kidneys, a lip cancer, periodontitis... and this list can be continued.

Researches also showed that the person smoking 10 cigarettes a day in the first two years in an organism has about 2 kg of the cindery remains. By 10 years of their smoking 4 kg, and by 20 years - about 6 kg already accumulate. Ponder upon these figures!

Smoking of a cigarette and the simultaneous use of alcoholic drinks can lead to a blockage of blood vessels and cause gangrene or a myocardial infarction! Of course, if the person is young and full of strength, he can not feel all harmful influence of a tobacco smoke, but when time to reflect comes, most often is already late.

Safe cigarettes do not happen! Leave off smoking now, do not deliberate seconds! The organism will thank you restoration of normal work of all systems and bodies, and then you will understand WHAT you refused!

There is a set of the techniques directed to disposal of nicotine addiction, but without will power and desire to get rid once and for all of this illness nothing will leave! In total in your hands! To enjoy life, to breathe easy and freely or to wither from destruction of an organism, to be reduced voluntarily to a shadow of itself - the choice for you!