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How often to be painted without harm for hair?

you like to experiment. You like to change a hair color often. And here such experiments will hardly be to the taste to your hair. So to do? To use unstable paints!

Unstable coloring is often called toning. Such procedure does not exert impact on a natural pigment of skin, does not destroy structure of hair. Unstable paints are subdivided into three look.

Unstable gels, skins, mousses, varnishes and ink are washed away at the first washing. Such substances envelop a hair, giving it color. These means apply during creation of hairdresses. Most often do color locks and spots.

Ottenochny means partially get under hair scales. color Will disappear after you 6 - 8 times wash the head. By means of such means you will not be able to clarify hair. However do not forget about care! If you the blonde, it is very difficult to you to get rid of the acquired shade completely.

If you clarified hair earlier or did a wave, their structure can be damaged. Unstable paint reliably it is hammered under the revealed scales can also keep there within several months even if you will daily wash the head! And it is impossible to dye a hair resistant paint until the tinting means is washed away.

There are soft paints which are washing away for 10 - 20 times. Such means contains a small amount of an oxidizer. This paint influences hair much less, than usual. Means will allow to give to hair brightness, without having done much harm. With such color it is necessary to go long enough therefore do not throw the head in a whirlpool: before being painted completely, check means on one lock.

Unstable coloring - a fine way to experiment. However, possibilities of experiments are quite strongly limited. You will not be able strongly to change color tonic. You should not consider that toning is absolutely safe for hair. If you carry out procedure each two weeks within several months, then hair will deteriorate. Parts of paint nevertheless are the substance, alien for hair, drying a hair. Therefore you should not be fond of temporary coloring excessively.

Recently in beauty shops new service - an illyuminirovaniye appeared. It is special technology of coloring of hair. Illyuminirovaniye is ranked as an unstable type of coloring. Usually the effect sticks to 1 - 2 month. Paint does a harm minimum to hair. Unlike the usual paints representing the alkaline environment, the dye used for an illyuminirovaniye subacidic. Its Ph is closer to natural Ph of hair thanks to what it does not do them rigid and dry. Therefore such type of coloring of the master is recommended to the women who are afraid to spoil hair. Hair after coloring do not look burned. On the contrary, their gloss considerably amplifies, the hairdress becomes much more magnificent. If the result was not pleasant, paint can be washed away special means at once, without having damaged structure of hair.

But the main feature of an illyuminirovaniye consists not in it. The matter is that when coloring it is possible to pick up not only primary color of hair, but also color of outflow! And the last can strongly differ from the basic. Black ringlets can cast green, violet or golden. Blond very much there is a pink outflow - then hair remind clouds at sunset or nacre. Red can possess blue, red, golden gloss. Generally, any. Stylists often compare effect of an illyuminirovaniye to effects of fashionable nail varnishes: color of outflow differs from primary color of a nail. The new type of coloring allows to achieve the tremendous results seeming improbable.

If you accept a natural hair color and you just want to give them interesting outflow, hair can be processed gloss. It can be color or colourless. Of course, there is no wish to say goodbye to an excellent result so quickly. To prolong to coloring life, it is necessary to use special means on care of hair. They have to be the same brand, as dye. The stylist in salon will tell about leaving. If your hair are strongly injured, most likely, from the first to achieve the required effect will not be gained. It is necessary to repeat procedure once again. By the way, it is impossible to carry out an illyuminirovaniye more often than once in 3 months! One more, perhaps, most serious lack of this service is its price. Illyuminirovaniye will cost 100 - 200 dollars. Well and still, of course, it should be noted that the illyuminirovaniye is done not in all beauty shops.