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What is punctuality and as to fight against it? On myself I know

that to arrive on time - not so difficult, and, and, it is not important at all where exactly to come. I will tell more: to me, for example, on the contrary to be late for some reason very hard. Education such or it is just bad habit - history, as they say, holds back. But as to fight against such situation, I all - understood, and with pleasure I will share with all readers.

The student, my fellow student was the most original specialist in delay, naturally. I never saw it at institute before the second couple, as brought me at once to it. As it appeared, the statement that all ingenious - is simple again was confirmed. According to its theory, it is enough to drink in evening from three - four liters of beer more, and in the morning how there was a wish to arrive on time, all the same earlier, than the organism oklematsya from evening uproar, you will not leave the apartment. But there is a side effect: at such way the headache, nicely swelled up eyes and a bottle of mineral water will become your constant satellites.

Then I addressed one of employees (the truth, was necessary to wait for n - oye amount of time, the expert in this area too), and received quite detailed instruction: two - three cups of coffee, are obligatory to turn on the TV (well to distract more often), only then to prepare and eat a breakfast, and, leaving, it is obligatory to forget something. From myself I will add that it is possible to lose still something, and then on searches even more time, than just on returning will leave.

If you not only have no habit to be late, and you also lose nothing, ask house to hide since evening, for example, keys. Since morning when you hurry, these searches usually drag on from - for a carelessness, and delay is provided!

There are also some more very simple receptions. It is possible not to set an alarm clock at all, to go by obviously wrong route, to put clock for a couple of hours ago or not to insert into them at all the battery that constantly stood.

Council: getting new job, contrary to all assurances, be late for interview. Continue to be late within the first months without admissions not to mislead future favourite management concerning presence at you of this punctuality especially as if suddenly you all the same manage to take roots on the new place, then especially it will be possible to be late with impunity.

So, fight pleasant to you against punctuality and not too strict punishments for its absence!