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Who will work for us on a bed?

At all happy owners of an allotment - whether two it is hundred parts or twenty two - by the future season there is a desire to find the reliable and skillful assistant, it is better iron which would undertake the excessive physical work saddening happiness of possession. The heaviest in gardening, truck farming and even just in care of a lawn is a work with the earth. And it is essential to facilitate it will not be able neither super - shovels, nor the ploskoreza set in the motion by one human force . Meanwhile - there is a rescue! Once and for all to relieve the owner from slavish manual skills on shoveling of a native site and care of beloved landings, probably, only the motor-block and a cultivator are capable today. How to choose to themselves equipment and what her best representatives will be suitable for the chosen darling ground? It is informed - means it is armed

the Motor-block is just that universal tool which will help to mechanize the majority of works in a garden and a kitchen garden. This device mills, plows, loosens and levels the earth. Works at gasoline. Engine displacement, and as a result, power strongly differ. It is better to have a stock of power is a stock of mechanical durability and reliability. At the choice of power of the motor-block it is reasonable to be guided by the size of a site which should be cultivated. If a site to 20 hundred parts, then the 5 hp rather easy motor-block and width of capture of 60 cm. To 1 hectare demand the power of 7,0 hp and width of capture of 80 - 90 cm from 60 hundred parts, (middle class of cars). If the processed site to 4 hectares, then is necessary the 9,0 hp heavy motor-block and capture of 100 cm wide. And if the site is more than 4 hectares, here is already necessary pass - a tractor. Functionality of the motor-block changes from what devices on it are installed. Change of devices is very simple and takes only 10 - 15 minutes. By means of installation of wheels and the trailer the motor-block turns into a small tractor for transportation of goods. The motor-block can work also with a water pomp, both with the electric generator, and with an okuchivatel, and with a plow, can clean snow, mow hay, dig out root crops and carry out functions of a cultivator.

Why the cultivator is necessary? For some types of works even the motor-block will be bulky - during the work on small sites, on beds, when loosening the earth between beds, bushes and trees. Here the cultivator is simply irreplaceable. The woman or the elderly person will even easily cope with a small cultivator (5 - 12 kg) super - an easy class while to work with the motor-block in 40 - 70 kg in power only to the man with not sickly physical training. Easy cultivators, 1 - 2 horse, are very convenient for care of flower beds, beds and green lawns fashionable now, for weeding of beds under a window. On a cultivator it is possible to install the additional equipment and to add thereby interesting functions. The car turns into the aerator, a sprayer, a lawn rake, a brush for cleaning of cracks between plates on paths, the subcarver of edges of lawn landings, a lawn-mower and even the woodworking machine. And still the cultivator is intended, first of all, for cultivation of the soil. After such processing the earth becomes soft, and roots of weeds are crushed.

At the choice of a cultivator too first of all consider power. Average and heavy, with power from 2. 5 to 6. 0 hp, cultivators are intended for works on sites 6 - 20 hundred parts. The power is higher, the ground will be plowed quicker. It is important what depth of loosening at it and width of capture. The smaller way will need to be passed on a site if to increase capture width. It can be reduced replacement of mills - it is admissible, for an earthing up of beds. The more deeply the cultivator can loosen the earth, the quality of plowing is better. Despite the small weight and power, even easy cultivators can open the soil on depth to 25 cm that more than it is enough for suitable quality of soil, some of them are capable even to lift a virgin soil. Cultivators let out with electric and petrol (2 - x and 4 - htaktny) the engine. Cultivators with the electric drive do not demand special leaving, refueling, oil filling. To work with it as easy as shelling pears, it is enough to include in the socket and to press the button. When processing the small areas the electric drive is justified, there will quite be enough cord length. The main thing to find the accessible socket. Cultivators with the petrol engine are territorially independent of a power source and more powerful, but it is more difficult in leaving; during the work create deafening noise and a gas contamination, as on carriageway demand special oil and fuel.

The Russian gardener, unfortunately, cannot indulge himself with the mobile agricultural " robot yet; Lukas the developed Swede Byyorn Arstarnd capable it is faultless to identify weeds and to automatically pull out them with a root. On the bottom of this magic car the infrared camera which grabs images of beds and distinguishes plants is mounted. The subsequent processing of these pictures the on-board computer operates wheels of the robot and the tool for weeding. It goes in the autonomous mode and identifies up to 99% of vegetables (beet, salad, a cauliflower, carrots and others). The robot is not brought to perfection yet, but in the theory can reduce pro-half-internal expenses of farmers on 50% and to make an essential contribution to environmental protection, having replaced chemicals - herbicides. Of course, this device from area of a fantasy, but on sale now the huge choice of worthy fruits of automation of manual skills. If it is essentially necessary that the car pleased with the article at any moment and it was efficient, then it is better to stop on overseas option. Well, and our domestic equipment has one main indisputable advantage - price.

It is possible to elect the irreplaceable assistant for performance of the most laborious works on your kitchen garden, a personal plot or giving on any exacting taste, according to any whims and inquiries of the owner, and then there will be enough time and forces for taste of pleasure from communication with the nature and with close people. Besides, any nozzles and gadgets on the useful car - an entertaining toy - the designer who will collect a family behind the general occupation and will add all pleasant minutes and good mood!