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How drugs work? Part one, natural.

Any normal persons do not want to try drugs and to become the addict, but to learn what pleasure from it, all want. My task - to give the people objective and reliable information about realities of drug addiction. So today we will understand, how exactly various substances influence the person and that threatens after that him.

Eat everything that runs and grows - God told, and, having smiled, created opium poppy. After this phrase you understand that the Creator had good sense of humour. As you already understood, this part of article is devoted natural (i.e. not the synthesizable person) to drugs.


Other names: hemp, gandzha, gandzhubas, grass, hash, shmal.

From where undertakes: from wild-growing hemp. Who uses

: generally the school students and students calling themselves Rastas.

of CANNABIS SATIVA (CANNABIS) - everywhere widespread wild-growing hemp, for a long time, thanks to psychoactive properties used for treatment, and also for achievement of a special ecstatic state as eyforiyny and hallucinogenic means. Hashish (it is similar to brown plasticine) is most widespread and shat (an average grinding the dried leaves similar to makhorka, only green).

Effect : causes easy euphoria, the general relaxation, sudden fits of laughter, desire to communicate, hypersensibility to external irritants, the perception of time changes. Effect of marijuana begins in 10 - 15 minutes after the use, continues three - four hours and gradually vanishes.

of the Consequence: in case of overdose marijuana causes paranoid feeling of danger, strong drowsiness, an incoordination of movements and sometimes - faints.

Marijuana influences powers of thinking and memory, at its long use it is possible to forget the alphabet and to confuse mother to the father.


Other names : cook, coco, coke.

From where undertakes: from leaves of Erythrolum Coca plant growing in South America. Who uses

: bandits and all others (practically all social groups).

Long time cocaine entered category of available and harmless stimulators. Cocaine was applied in medicine to local anesthesia, it was a part of many drinks, including the cook - Coca.

Effect: physical activity, a brain " Sharply increases; quicker thinks, the general rise in sincere and physical forces is observed. The effect is felt not for long - 10, at most 15 minutes, and then there comes the depression which lasts 30-40 minutes.

of the Consequence: Psychoses, suicide moods, death from overdose.

Opium and its derivatives

Such as : heroin, morphine, codeine.

From where undertakes: turns out from opium Papaver somniferum poppy. Who uses

: suicides and full morons.

Effect: the unprecedented euphoria lasting (depending on the used opium derivative) gradually rolls from 3 to 9 hours. In a human body natural opioid is produced, it is called endorphin. The greatest number of it is thrown out blood at an orgasm.

of the Consequence: I will long not go to bat about what is rubbish. Who has no mind, all the same will try. Just once again I will remind - heroin is the most artful of drugs. Dependence develops within two days of the regular use. It grants pleasure for the first few weeks of consumption - and infinite years of hell further.

An organism and consciousness of the person - very vulnerable and sensitive substances. If something is not pleasant to them, they will suit to the owner a big kaka. Remember it if suddenly foolishly you decide to try a nonsense. That`s all. In the second part of article I will tell about synthesizable drugs, such as an acid, ecstasy, amphetamines and many other things. And there will be it (the second part) or not, - depends on an assessment of this article.