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What the great comedian Charlie Chaplin most of all was sorry about?

on April 16, 1889 in a family of actors of one of the London myuzik - halls the next boy whom subsequently the world remembered as the great comedian Charlie Chaplin was born. This fact did not cause any special emotions in parents. The child`s father - the singer myuzik - the hall as would tell today, literally not dried out and its second half made light of these hard drinkings. On it, the duty to watch that children did not need anything generally lay, and Hanna did not find anything the best, than to offer herself to each passer. At the same time she realized that she arrives disgustingly. But money was necessary always.

The last the husband traditionally learned that his wife went on hands. He began to look in a bottle even more, and at all left a family. And even moreover - since this moment it did not give to the ex-wife a penny, her destiny, as well as destiny of children, he was not interested any more.

Charlie began to earn additionally to help mother, at the age of seven years, having stepped on the stage myuzik - the hall. First it was let to act out of pity, then quickly got to the core - the guy has something that bewitches the audience. And though by voice it did not leave and besides had obvious speech defect (stutter), but the public liked its manner to behave on a scene - plasticity, a mimicry and inexhaustible optimism. And very few people knew that the childhood of the boy passes in gloomy poverty.

When the teenager was 12 years old, cirrhosis finished the father, and at mother arose such " from time to time; kinks that all this later led several years to the natural final - hospital for mad.

Charlie was forced to care for sick mother and other children, and therefore in 18 years left a native home when it was accepted in pantomimic troupe of Fred Carnot with whom in 1913 and arrived to tours to the USA. And already in the following, 1914, debuted on the screen in the comic picture Earning a living . It was not that Charlie to whom we got used, an image of the person in unreasonably wide trousers, a jacket in covering, the broken boots, short moustaches, the kettle and a cane appeared a bit later when Charlie did not feel like the beginner any more. But he molded this image difficult, carefully adjusting one scenic detail to another.

The diligence multiplied by talent allowed Charlie already several years later, in 1923, to found own studio where he acted not only as the actor, but also the screenwriter together with the director. Then also the image of the little person which on an apt expression of contemporaries quite passing figure from " ripened finally; lokhmotyev to wealth.

Today it is difficult to present that in the first cine to year Charlie acted in 35 pictures! He was invited willingly also because he brought a huge arsenal of tricks of the English pantomime to the States, never hesitated cake to be hit in a face, in water to fall, to rasshibat a nose, without having been in time behind the car. He was a ready to help actor, than and bought directors.

Fruitful on movies it appeared also following, 1915 - movies with Charlie`s participation molded as pelmeshka. Especially then finally he began to act in image habitual to us. Painfully the audience liked this guy with big and kind eyes. And very few people knew that mother`s genes had an effect from time to time - Charlie very much loved loose life and changed women as gloves. Or rather, he was rather afraid of women - but inevitably attracted him to girls, than the age did not exceed 14 - 15 years. It was the illness, but what to do if they stuck, trying though slightly - slightly to luxuriate in beams of glory of this uncommon person!

Authentically it is not established at what age Charlie Chaplin had the first child, however it is quite officially noted that the last was born when the great comedian already exchanged the ninth decade!

Not all will manage to repeat this remarkable trick! And all Charlie had 11 official children (unrecognized, speak, there was time in two more).

And how many it is created by it characters? Nobody counted it, however very big impression was made on cinematographers by professor`s find from university of Arkansas Frank Sheyd who found films of the middle, inaccessible before 70 hours, 20 - x years on which Charlz Spencer Chaplin in youth is represented. These films need to be shown to the beginning actors, in particular those who not really willingly develop in themselves natural data. Charlie worked, as got, endlessly sweeping aside unsuccessful, in his opinion, tests.

The native of England sir Charlie Chaplin quietly died in Christmas day 1977 in the Swiss city of Vev. In two years before the English Queen Elizabeth II devoted it in knights.

It was necessary to answer the last question: what the great comedian Charlie Chaplin most of all was sorry about? Probably, you already and guessed: that the era of silent cinema sank Into oblivion. And as gracefully it about it was expressed: In total - it is a pity for silent cinema. What pleasure was to see how the woman opens a mouth, and voices is not heard