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What is necessary for your hair - balm or the conditioner?

Balm and the conditioner - all this basic means on care of hair. Quite often they are included in composition of shampoo. However it is better to avoid nevertheless means 2 - in - 1.

Business here not only in a strong raid which leaves such shampoo. Even the best shampoo aggressively influences hair therefore it is better not to hold means on hair too long. And here the looking after means is just better to sustain at least a couple of minutes. Besides, the system when the hair is at the same time cleared of fat and is enveloped by the conditioning substances, is not too effective. It is better to clear at first hair, to wash away pollution, and only then to apply balm or the conditioner.

So balm or conditioner? Let`s return to this question.

The conditioner represents means in which problem enters to minimize the harmful effects on hair made by washing, combing and drying. It envelops hair a thin invisible layer, protects them from excessive loss of the moisture connected both with drying by the hair dryer and with usual drying. This substance sticks together the keratin scales which revealed during washing. Thanks to it hair gain gloss, become less susceptible to influence of environment. The conditioner serves as antistatic thanks to what hair not stand on end easily comb hair. By the way, if you plan to make a pile, do not use the conditioner. It will not allow hair to be electrified well. The thin film gives to hair bigger volume. The conditioner is distributed on the moist washed-up hair, avoiding roots. Roots have to have rather rigid that the hairdress was volume hair. Besides, if the conditioner is applied on roots, hair will quickly become soiled.

Balm looks after your hair, saturates them with useful substances. Washing by shampoo opens hair scales, and deep into its structures easily will get useful substances of balm - essential oils, proteins, minerals. Balm, as well as conditioner, closes keratin scales thanks to what hair gain gloss. Balm is applied on all length of hair, including roots, but not rubbed in head skin. However, there are also exceptions. In that case it is specified in the instruction that means should be rubbed in skin. Balms can be all-strengthening, and can deal with some certain problem.

As we see, these means are quite similar in action. Today producers very often offer us balms - conditioners. Many stylists advise to get these means separately, not every time is required to you protective operation of the conditioner, so why once again to envelop hair film? However it long enough and not too economically - to apply on hair shampoo, then balm, then to seal in total conditioner. Besides, producers bring confusion. The balms offered today possess also the conditioning properties, shampoos and conditioners are enriched with useful substances As a result balm and the conditioner nevertheless find to themselves a haven in one small bottle.

Is it necessary to use balm and/or the conditioner every time after washing of the head? Stylists are sure that the modern woman needs it. In - the first, washing by shampoo does hair very vulnerable to any influence. And you should comb and dry up them still. In - the second, the same combing. It strongly injure the moist hair which transferred besides influence of shampoo. The conditioner allows to reduce harmful effects considerably. In - the third, the thin film protects hair during laying by the hair dryer. At last, balm and the conditioner reduce harmful effects of tap water. Chlorine, heavy metals, microorganisms - all this very serious test. Hair, especially after washing, very well absorb in themselves all these substances.

Generally, balms and conditioners are necessary not only to women with the injured hair. If you want to keep beauty of the hairdress, surely use these means. It means of basic care for, as lotion or face cream. If you nevertheless consider the conditioner as the excess item of expenditure in the budget, can use folk remedies. I speak not about vinegar - it, of course, softens hair, but has aggressive effect. The modern shampoos representing the subacidic environment also so not bad cope with rigidity of tap water. To protect hair, to provide them food, to add gloss, use better it " balm; as curdled milk. Apply it on all hair, massage head skin, in five minutes wash away. This means, by the way, should be remembered and when you need to put quickly damaged, dim or dry hair in order, to return them vital force.