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How to convince the woman that you are her prince?

In spite of the fact that outside a century of equipment, technologies and female emancipation, many ladies, as well as their grandmothers and great-grandmothers, wait for the personal Prinze on White Kone.

Many of them wait for the prince losing with him virginity, others dream to catch him in husbands or at least just in lovers. Those who did not meet him on the way for the rest of the natural saw own husband (or husbands) for the fact that he is not Prinze.

Generally, it is better to convince the lady that you are her Prinze, at the very beginning of the relations, especially if it are planned as serious or even perspective. But how to make it?

For a start we will understand who such this most mythical Prinze. In understanding of the women dreaming of it Prinze on White Kone is a person who will carry away her from cares and adversities in the fine lock behind which stone walls she will live in clover. Prinze has to care for the rest of the natural for the rescued Cinderella morally and financially, at the same time to be clever, beautiful, kind, tender, courageous Here classical option of dream of the prince. It is better not to approach the ladies arguing so. This is, most likely, the infantile person preferring to live in the world of dreams. Or you you will break it heart or, at worst, you will get the whimsical companion of life not capable to appreciate you only because you are not ideal.

However it is not enough such ladies (seven-year-old girls we do not take into account). The majority more - less adult women as Prinze is understood one and only that is, the person near whom could live for many years, helping each other, supporting, almost without quarreling. Well and, of course, it has to be the worthy person, that is honest, courageous and, certainly, loving.

The main rule of the Prince on White Kone. It has to be not such as all. That is, if the lady was deprived of man`s attention, he has to look after her in every possible way. If for the woman and so the herd of men runs, do not chase - represent sufferings aside. Otherwise at best you will be just White Horse - the best in herd, but a horse.

By the way, about horses. The most important - not to mix Prinze`s images and a horse. Do not represent a studhorse at all. If you do not look at it provocatively - carnivorously, then do not show an award - only someone can tell the lady about fighting achievements of the prince another.

To convince the lady that you her prince, it is necessary, strangely enough it sounds, to convince her that she is your princess. That is that you are in love with it to unconsciousness that are ready for the sake of it for everything. In total - these are, first of all, flowers. The more roses, the better. If there is no money for roses (the Knight Deprived of Inheritance), arrive as Robin Hood - rob the next bed. Though it is better to gather field, of course.

The prince surely has to be a romantic. Here the mistake is quite often made - the romanticism is confused to sentimentalism. I explain: the romantic is not the one who dismisses snivels at the slightest pretext. The romantic is an unusual personality in an unusual situation. We remember Byron and Lermontov. By the way, ladies adored Byron to madness, despite his unattractive appearance probably for romanticism. As to provide this most unusual situation, without having an opportunity to quickly acquire two tickets for a safari in the Sahara? Very simply. You reduce it on a roof of the high house, sit on a shop near a lilac bush under the moon. Generally, show an ingenuity. And the main thing - you keep unusually as if you were from other world. The secret aura has to surround you.

The most difficult - the Prince has to be intelligent. That is, widely-read, educated to shine at the lady with intelligence. But intelligence not in the sphere of cars and the internal device of computers, and in higher spheres. It is desirable in the field of literature and philosophy. But be not overzealous - otherwise you risk to seem the oven philosopher. It is very useful to devote to the lady verses (even if you write badly). If is able to play the guitar - try to represent the song.

And, of course, Prinze should not be drunk at all, from him cannot smell of garlic, the reek of alcohol and dirty socks. Non-smoking ladies, as a rule, prefer non-smoking Princes. Generally, behave decently.

Perhaps, all men in buketno - candy the period of the relations pretend to be Princes. Then, when the lady already reliably got, begin to accustom her to the real face. There is an important point: the real face should not differ from a mask considerably. That is, too you should not shuck initially. But also from a threshold it is impossible to give all unattractive reality - it is necessary to observe a certain ritual, otherwise you will not be understood. Which - what elements from buketno - candy the period it is quite good to practice periodically and further. To help the woman to put on a fur coat, to give at least once in a month flowers, to arrange from time to time romantic appointments - all this fine strengthens the relations. And, eventually, it is really unpleasant to feel the successor of a throne sometimes?