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How to keep suntan?

Now depth of summer. We sunbathe, and our skin gets a beautiful brownish shade. Many people are ready for any means if only a pleasant shade of skin did not grow bare also pleased as long as possible. But how to make it? How without harm and even with advantage for skin to keep its suntanned look? Of course, it is not possible to keep suntan forever, but there are several ways to prolong its existence.

In the beginning it is necessary to tell that suntan depends on human physiology, on identity of skin. At some people suntan descends quicker, than at others if they even sunbathe in one place. As long skin will remain suntanned, depends also on where and as suntan was acquired. For example, southern suntan is quicker washed away, than suntan which was acquired in a midland. Our skin, unusual to hot beams of the sun of the South, tries to be restored quicker and intensively peels burned down cages.

Skin after suntan is dehydrated and dried up by the sun therefore needs moistening. It is necessary to use daily after a shower or a bathtub the active moistening means. Usually in their names the words « are used; super or ultra . Means after suntan are urged to solve two problems &ndash at once; to moisten skin and to fix suntan. The best effect can achieve if to alternate these means: day - the moisturizing cream, and day - means after suntan.

It is better to refrain from a bath and a sauna. Under the influence of steam and high temperature a large amount of moisture is brought out of an organism, pores are cleaned, and suntan very strongly turns pale. And here the bathtub, on the contrary, is very useful. If not to peel the top layer of skin, then suntan will look uneven. It is possible to add sea salt or various vegetable oils to a bathtub.

If you want to keep suntan, then it is necessary to abstain from various bleaching means. Milk, a cucumber, a lemon etc. possess such properties. Under their influence suntan not only will fade, but also can become uneven. Some cosmetics, face packs contain the bleaching substances. Be attentive and read what is written on packing.

However there are several national recipes which will help to keep suntan. For example, if to wash and rinse skin poorly brewing tea. Tea helps to remain to skin swarty, moistens skin and pulls together a time. As a srub it is possible to use a coffee thick. Just smear a thick on skin and wait 15 minutes then wipe a face with damp cotton wool. The coffee thick can be used also as a srub for all body. It not only keeps suntan, but also helps to get rid of cellulitis. And coffee can wash and rinse skin too.

Masks from tomato with two tablespoons of fresh cottage cheese, a teaspoon of vegetable oil and a tablespoon of milk help to keep a swarty shade of skin. Apply mix for 15 - 20 minutes. After that wash away a mask warm water and rinse a face with cold water.

Quicker vitamin A will help to be restored and keep suntan to skin. Vitamin A contains in such products as milk, an egg yolk, apricots, spinach, carrots, beef liver, oil, tomatoes. Take into account that vitamin A is acquired together with fats, for example, to eat carrot with sour cream or vegetable oil better. Also preservation of suntan is helped by sheet salad, red and yellow vegetables and fruit.

It is possible to maintain the natural suntan and by means of various creams of autosuntan. There are creams which give to skin a natural natural suntanned look and restore skin after suntan. In conclusion about the most effective way of maintenance of suntan - it is a sunbed. It is worth using it if there are no medical contraindications. Or even in 14 days it is enough one procedure a week that suntan remained for a long time.

Be beautiful and suntanned! I hope, you will be helped by my councils. I Wish

good luck, dear reader.