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What is the Victory Memorial on air?

Amusing people these radio fans, are ready to sit for days at a handheld transceiver to communicate with the same fans. By the way, a radio amateurism - a hobby of many rich and the famous people. Sheikhs, princes, even the late Pope were radio fans. But just to air from the house it seems to much uninteresting therefore they often leave to some exotic place together with all equipment, and communicate with the whole world from there.

Since 1974 the Victory Memorial began to be carried out. Before any actions devoted to memory of veterans on air were not. Opening of a memorial wanted to be made considerable, memorable therefore the radio landing which should air the first took off for the geographical center USSR. Coordinates his scientists - geographers calculated just shortly before it, this point is in remote bogs on North - the Khanty`s East - the Mansi district.

Operators Ivan Kazansky, Oleg Neruchev, Boris Ryzhavsky and the journalist Lev Bykovskikh took off from Nizhnevartovsk by helicopter there and worked on air of May 8 - 10.

They flew on MI - 4 where Lyudmila Koshil (the only then woman - a vertoletchitsa in the USSR) was a flight mechanic. By flight rules the flight mechanic is obliged to the first to go out of the helicopter, and men joked that in the center of the Union of the first the graceful female leg stepped. However they hurried with conclusions. On this earth long since graze the Khanty`s deer from a sort Prasinykh, and still radio operators did not manage to deploy antennas as to them guests - Danil and Ilya Prasiny welcomed.

Since then the memorial of the Victory is on air carried out annually. But more than 30 years of communication sessions from the USSR center was not - the daredevils who risked to fly there were only in 2005. Eight radio operators from Nizhnevartovsk, Megion and Novosibirsk entered a landing - 2005 which was headed by Valery Nesterov.

Took off there on May 4. As the geographical center USSR is the share of the lake, and around it the boggy district, landed slightly aside. Soon on skis two hunters came. It appeared, this is that Ilya Danilovich Prasin that with the father visited the first expedition. Ilya was 20 years old, and he perfectly remembers radio operators and very beautiful vertoletchitsa . And now near it there was his son Kirill.

According to regulations start of a memorial is appointed to May 5, at ten o`clock Moscow time. And here call signs sound: ATTENTION to ALL, RP9J - RADIO of the VICTORY, EXPEDITION TO the GEOGRAPHICAL CENTER of the SOVIET UNION, ALL RECEPTION in the Russian and English languages. In reply - tens of calling stations from around the world. Replacing each other, radio operators round the clock work.

It is not enough now young people who understand hobby of seniors, but elderly people, veterans of war from the republics of the former USSR, from - for a boundary work on air with huge interest - live voices sound here, and the whole world can hear them. Therefore radio expedition The USSR Center - 2005 collected many grateful responses. There were very many defiant stations, from around the world, nobody wanted to miss an opportunity to congratulate Russians on a victory holiday through the radio station working from the USSR center.

Radio operators tried to find participants of a landing - 1974. Found out that all are living, but do not air, and here Neruchev on the Republic of South Africa now, provides a radio communication with polar explorers. Phoned to it. Yury Zaruba only managed to tell that expedition from the center of the Soviet Union says as knock was distributed, Oleg for nervousness dropped a tube. Then Neruchev told about himself, and asked to find the flight mechanic Lyudochka. Having learned that Lyudmila Alekseevna became the eight-time world record-holder in helicopter sport and that on her initiative this expedition took place, for a long time became silent. Probably, a lot of things were remembered to it these minutes.

In a new session of a radio communication with Neruchev decided to connect Lyudmila Koshil to conversation, to create the radio bridge: Cape Town (Neruchev) - the USSR center (Prasin) - Nizhnevartovsk (Koshil)! Dialed number Koshil by satellite phone And she answered from Washington, from the world forum of women - vertoletchitsa! The spiral of time scattered these people on the planet, but radio and mobile communication united! To these people was about what to talk, and their conversation listened to the whole world.

Thus, expedition - was devoted 2005 not only 60 - to the anniversary of the Victory, and and 30 - to the anniversary of the first radio landing.

In 2006 for participation in the Victory Memorial V. Nesterov with the group of radio operators left in the village of Laryak and the call sign " took; Home front workers . It considered that visit of the USSR center - the event significant, and cannot annually repeat.

But in August - September, 2006 the geographical center USSR was visited by group of teachers of Nizhnevartovsk humanities university and set up a beautiful stele from white metal in the form of an oil derrick there. Valery Nesterov as the skilled radio operator and the traveler also was a part of that expedition, and on the plate attached to a stele also its surname is specified.

And in 2007 Valery for the team took a call sign again that for the first time sounded in 1974. Carrying on traditions, the geographical center USSR has to open the Victory memorial. Again in its team there will be 8 radio operators. Tried to agree with helicopter, but nevertheless it is very expensive because radio operators leave at own expense. Found the place, the most subcentral to which it is possible to reach by cars (somewhere in 100 km from the necessary point there are in a taiga two thrown radio relay masts, there radio operators also will stop). To Valery is what to tell the world about.

From May 5 to May 10 listen to air - in it call signs of a memorial of the Victory will sound!