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How to leave work in time?

you very much are surprised if I tell you that there is everything - people who arrive on time for work and leave it? And you in the daily log have a record 18. 00 - home ?

Oh, do not sigh. Let`s think better what with all this can be made.

It is interesting, as women, and men (well, is closer to middle age, of course) on a question that for them the most important in life, answer: family, career That is, the family for which we never have time is on the first place. But business even not in a family. The person who is not able to have a rest will also not be able productively to work. And not because does not want but because still nobody repealed laws of the nature, physiology and hygiene.

I understand it, you will tell. And it is concrete - what to do?

And to do here that. Use the following recommendations, and you will at once notice changes. Well, and if also you invent something special, then sincerely I congratulate: you - won.

1. It is better to come for 30 min. earlier, than to leave at 1 o`clock later.

Usually employees that is called with a call enter the class . It at best. And in the worst still ask you to think up by phone a justification for the chief. Or you usually call?

Having come to a workplace beforehand, you receive several gold minutes, phone for the present does not ring, nobody asks silly questions and kills the begun business or thought. In silence and with a fresh mind your efficiency and creativity will be higher than usual.

2. Be fenced off from people around if you need to concentrate.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a separate office. And recently the new fashion appeared to watch personnel. You come into bank and you see how in the huge room the person twenty everyone sits at the table and any partitions. If your boss we gain

mania of supervision, and you cannot convert the workplace, then use resources of the desktop.

It is possible to create a psychological obstacle by means of flowers, a lamp, a stationery, shelves for paper and the put folders. Everything depends on from what party and as you want to be fenced off. Even if IT does not create sound insulation, then yours internally feeling I in a lodge will give you tranquility and additional forces. And colleagues at the subconscious level will feel that you are not so available.

3. Do not do excess movements.

Ya not about production gymnastics Often, in a condition of tension, we cannot correctly assess a situation. You did not manage to solve one problem yet, to you put new and the first reaction - to run, go, obtain information. Or perhaps it is not necessary to run? Perhaps it is possible to resolve an issue by phone, by means of the reference book or the Internet? If you are interested in the solution of a question - that, certainly, in your interests to meet personally. But, if a situation explanation = time for writing of a mail x 40, then save it, precious.

4. Be improved.

Make use of the experience for productivity increase. For the same tasks and actions keep preparations, templates, and for calculations it is better most to make the table with formulas that it became your calculator. Preparations can concern writing of letters, preparation of meetings, negotiations etc. of

5. At work it is necessary... to work.

A not to stick out in a smoking-room or to discuss yesterday`s 1745 - yu a series of the soap opera. Or, still than what it is better, 2 hours to play solitaire Spider on 4 colors. On a workplace and so there are too much factors which prevent you to concentrate. Unexpected empty calls, meetings, meetings unnecessary you unsettle.

6. Delegate. Indifferent to this word, probably, is not present

. One go by the stranger to a hump, and others - consider that nobody can be trusted.

to the Caesar - Caesarian, excuse. If you cannot prodelegirovat to the lowest link any assignment, then the link should be changed. And it is better to endure it at once, than then to be sorry about lost health and time. The, by the way. there is no

If the lowest link, then there are two honest options: to take the student in the help or to attract the colleague to whom pay back with the same as required.

7. Allocate the main thing.

Alas, no living man all things can. As if we wanted to work 14 hours a day, to sleep - 9 and at the same time to be engaged in fitness, to communicate with friends, to spend enough time with a family, it is dream. And if to think really? It is possible, of course to watch TV, to speak by phone, to eat and do a tray for legs at the same time, but to

to be in time as much as possible, it is necessary to choose the most necessary. And, certainly, from some things it is necessary to refuse or reduce time allocated for them. Having made it it is conscious, you will place priorities. It is better not to manage to look through the movie, than not to sleep and stay in the afternoon from the patient from overfatigue by the head.

Everyone escapes from time vice in own way. If you only begin to think of how to make it and will experiment, then will be able to involve the personal resources. Someone, for example, owl and someone - lark .

Most important: try not to take out work for a work threshold. I know cases when managers got 2 numbers for mobile. As soon as the working day comes to an end, phone intended for work went to bed. And other number was known only by relatives and friends. Here such version of the decision.

Generally, the seed is seeded, and now water and grow up, misters. And a creative to you in hands!