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What to begin to the woman striving for success with?

to understand and understand how to become the highly effective woman, it is necessary to ask a question what we mean by high-efficiency?

The role of the real woman changes, it not only fine skills of cookery, housekeeping and education of children, but also and successful career, self-realization and satisfaction of own ambitions now.

Even more often we see on streets of women - motorists, in the large organizations - women - heads. How, bypassing men, evil gossips and slander about feminism to achieve success in all these areas?

To understand the success nature, I suggest to use as an evident subject of men who already came to it or are close. For an example we will take mister A.

Mister A. - the man with the income above an average, has the car - the foreign car, the apartment and a fine family. Not bad, truth? Too would not prevent us. What does it differ in

from the woman? Why for the woman acquisition of the car often drags on for many years?

The first reason is covered in particular man`s thinking. Quite recently I read in one interesting article that men do not like to analyze themselves and the life. The first male feature is that instead of being engaged in

in the analysis of the preferences, the main traits of character and the fact that it is necessary for it from life it it is simple - naprosto knows that it is necessary for it and works. Sets the purposes and goes to them.

I do not propagandize at all that women have to become men. I suggest to take from a strong half the best for understanding of how to reach the desirable in the world where material matters.

Means, it is possible to draw the first conclusion:

1. Define that you want to receive - set the object - act.

Second reason. The woman on the way to success is stopped by her position in relationship with the man. The woman gives all herself, leaves friendly relations, cannot concentrate on career etc. of

the Woman is also dependent on age. There is social framework which it has to keep within to marry, give birth to the child. And all this is a stupor for further advance.

the Man is independent in this plan. It defines the period of its vigorous activity. And even after a wedding does not feel need something cardinally to change in the life.

For understanding that the woman can make in this situation I will give still an example. Scientists calculated the age of the woman most of all suitable for the child`s birth. You will be surprised, 34 years. No that you, I do not want to convince you to give birth not earlier than 34 years at all. But a framework of your views has to extend now. The woman can plan and organize the life even till 25 years. To create the thorough base of the higher education and experience which will be used after adaptation to family life.

So, second conclusion:

2. Create the base of professional knowledge and experience - use the time for acquisition more and more knowledge and skills - do not become isolated.

To be continued