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How to fight against complexes?

of People without complexes do not exist, all have them, even at those people who look very abrupt in the opinion of people around. Complexes create to people many problems, and prevent to achieve goals. As a rule, complexes are put in the person till 17 years. We teach the children as it is correct to behave and this most we raise in them complexes. At any animals, even at the most advanced, complexes do not happen. And while primitive people had no education, they did not suffer from any complexes.

the Inferiority complex

It is expressed to that it seems to the person that it in everything is worse than other people. Here refer fear silly to look before people around, a complex of own appearance, etc. the People suffering from such complex are very susceptible to foreign opinion. As a result they do all not as want and as it is accepted, and then tear hair on intimate parts of a body and regret for the missed opportunities. For example, the person likes full girls, and he meets with harmonous because friends consider them as more beautiful. As a result unsatisfied is both this person, and full girls, and harmonous.

How to get rid: Should remember that all people in the majority are similar to you, they, as well as you, sweat, go to a toilet, press spots, gnaw nails, bite lips, are picked a nose and still god knows what is done. All of them are afraid to look before you silly or ridiculously too. So, most likely, you have no shortcomings, and what you them call - is identity. Look at the world on the other hand!

Problems in communication with girls are connected by of the Problem with an opposite sex

with an inferiority complex. Such person or in general is afraid to approach the girl because considers that on such moron as it, she precisely will not pay attention. Or all the time proves to itself and people around that he is cool, by means of continuous change of girls.

How to get rid:

Most it is difficult for em to overcome this complex. The main method of disposal of such complex - pickup courses on which people learn to communicate with an opposite sex easily. Also the problem can be connected with the failed affair which was already taking place in your life. Here it is necessary to realize that if one girl badly treated you, then it does not mean at all that it will repeat every time.

Fear of responsibility

the Person is afraid to take the responsibility for what happens to it in life. At the same time he constantly is indignant that all are guilty around but only one it - good and remarkable. Being expressed on - scientific, it is in the protection mode. That is it is very comfortable to it to stay idle, and it is always possible to accuse of failures people around or circumstance.

How to get rid: For what happens to you in life, you answer. Therapy is such: try to show an initiative at work. Be not afraid to offer constructive ideas, undertake some obviously difficult project. Be sure, you will cope! Responsibility - it is not terrible at all. On the contrary, it is very pleasant to feel as the important and necessary person on whom a lot of things depend.

Fear to express to the opinion

As well as it was necessary to believe, roots of this complex go to the childhood. For example, ancestors in the childhood inspired in much that boys do not cry. Or said that it is impossible to laugh loudly because decent people so do not behave. If so speak to the child, then he begins to think that the emotions need to be hidden from other people. As a result business sometimes reaches paradox: on the poor creature spill boiled water, and he is silent.

How to get rid: Well tell, at last, this girl who took notice of you about how it is not pleasant to you and as you were got by her continuous suffocating embraces and dribbling kisses. And then loudly laugh at her naive dreams of your future joint life. If you survive, consider that you got rid of one complex.

Fear of darkness, height, the closed or open space

Is even not complexes, but phobias. Such fears arise usually after the psychoinjuring situations. For example, many of those who in the childhood for a long time got stuck in the elevator feel discomfort, having appeared in the closed space. It occurs because they subconsciously are afraid of repetition of the happened shock with them. And the person can even not remember the events which happened to him in the childhood, and the fear all the same remains.

How to get rid: In - the first, a frontal attack. You are afraid of height - jump with a parachute, you test claustrophobia - get into a case and try to sit a couple of hours there. In - the second, it is possible to establish a positive anchor on a complex. For example, to eat a favourite chocolate directly in a case! But can happen on the contrary - from a chocolate will begin to feel sick, and the complex will overcome. Therefore it is only better to begin to eat a chocolate after more - you accustom in the dark and narrowness of a case less.

That`s all. And finally remember: complexes are the sum of your mental sets which you think out to yourself.