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How it is safe to get acquainted on the Internet?

Safety at one is associated with security of person, at others with safe sex, at the third with protection of confidential information. All these aspects directly or indirectly are related also to the Internet - to acquaintances, especially to those which move to real life. That real acquaintance was really pleasant and safe, it is necessary to follow several simple rules.

First of all not to open the personal data until you are not sure of the interlocutor. Here the name and a surname, age, date of birth, phone (it is the most difficult with mobile as it is used for communication, but also here it is possible to think up something - for example, to get separate number or to use antiaon), the address, the place of work or study belong. Compose a small legend which can be dispelled at more close acquaintance, having made sure of decency of the person with whom you got acquainted. It is fair at any purposes of acquaintance - from companionship before creation of a family. And almost always meets understanding.

Placement of photos on dating sites, certainly, increases your chances to get acquainted, but at the same time and chances to be the recognized colleagues if they also visit them, or ill-wishers if you have those. Sending photos by mail to the specific addressee - safer option. Besides it is not obligatory to wait passively for invitations to acquaintance at all - it is possible to undertake own search and, having interested the person, to exchange photos.

Always try to be convinced to the first real meeting of what the person with whom you communicate is valid that for whom gives itself. At least find out, the man it or the woman. It is the simplest to make it by phone, but it is also possible to investigate other sources - for example, information in ICQ, LJ, on the personal website, to check e-mail addresses, - that to you it is available. Compare data from different sources and if you find serious divergences, take an interest at your new acquaintance or the acquaintance why they do not coincide. Reaction to a similar question is rather informative too. With people who do not provide about themselves in general any information to communicate it is potentially unsafe. Though at all not the fact that they surely will be maniacs or terrorists, but with them it is necessary to be extremely careful and to open at least not more than your interlocutor.

Note inadequate reactions in the course of virtual communication, too strong jamming on some certain subject or remarks on your similarity to any person (except politicians, the famous athletes, models and actors). All these signs can testify to psychological problems which at direct communication will sometime be reflected also in you. At best your interlocutor will be badly well-mannered or too timid person, in the worst - it can be mentally unbalanced or the sadist.

Make appointment in public places and mainly during daylight hours, or at least not too late until you get acquainted closer. Reject the offer to go on a visit or to receive guests at the first meeting. The cafe, cinema, an amusement park, any action like a concert or theatrical representation will be the best choice for it. Trips to the country are least safe.

Observance of these measures does not guarantee absolute safety, but allows to cut the most obvious threats which it is possible to face at acquaintance on the Internet.