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What is downshifting and an apshifting?

you Remember the Soviet movie Three plus two ? For those who did not look: there three friends of men were sent every summer on leave not just on the coast of the sea, and to a certain place of this coast and spent all the holiday days in almost full detachment from a civilization there, and on arrival to the world did not seek to growth at work. Not excellent part of such rest was otpuskany beards. But not this main thing.

It appears, the aspiration to such pastime has even the name - an apshifting, and the similar relation to work is called downshifting. These terms in Russia appeared few years ago. Words overseas and to the inhabitant not absolutely clear. Also the fact that their understanding at us and " is added to it; there miscellaneous. So it it?

Downshifting (downshifting) is a transition from the highly paid, but connected with an excessive stress, loadings and taking away all free time work to quieter, though low-paid in comparison with former, and also refusal of luxury goods and career prospects in the future.

The concept career in most cases connect with the continuous movement up, with conquest of new boundaries, and also with professional and official growth. But adherents of downshifting the example show that, it is possible not only to climb a career ladder, but also to go down, and absolutely voluntarily.

Movement modern refuseniks from them more successful business - lives is opposed to an image of the yuppie - young, incredibly ambitious and ambitious white collar the adhering peculiar outlook. Work and career, by all means with rigid installation on leadership, for the yuppie an idol number one, image and the social status - an idol number two. Any successful careerist - the yuppie is a hostage of own situation: its expenditure are directed to acquisition of prestigious things for the sake of the next career breakthrough, and so can proceed indefinitely.

The main external sign of downshifting - refusal of career in its such look - the vicious circle of infinite consumption, demonstration of the high status, level and lifestyle imposed by society for the sake of other vital values, first of all a family, a hobby, psychological comfort and care about own health. In fact, the downshifter is the person who reached to the " handle; - a nervous breakdown, a depression which is not helped by the calming nerves medicines any more. Not big money and beautiful cars do it unfortunate, and HOW he tries to obtain them.

Word downshifting it is borrowed from a lexicon of motorists - switching of a transmission on smaller speed so is called. But as the saying says: More haste less speed i.e. at such rhythm you will reach bigger, than the new car, the yacht and the lock, namely - you will find yourself and harmony with yourself. In some sense downshifting can be considered as a stage to an apshifting - full refusal of antecedents. But the apshifting is peculiar only to radicals in search of.

Apshiftera are the radical downshifters preferring to withdraw in general, having been engaged it is perfect other kind of activity and having offered the status acquired for many years and situation while to the majority happens to go down enough on one - two steps of a career ladder, having reduced the volume of responsibility and functions. There is an option and temporary downshifting, about a possibility of renewal of career after a time - a miss.

Classical western downshifting (with drop in incomes) is always revolution in response to requirements of the company. The downshifter - the corporate rebel who is unexpectedly substituting the company (and branch in general). Such do not take in astronauts, that is in Procter &Gamble, Mars and other citadels of commercial stability. The most interesting that just such companies are also the main producers of downshifters - corporate ethics demand much, giving in exchange only the money and the status meaning to the person not everyone.

Together with solid earnings, beautiful life and respect of people around quite often overtakes the whole bunch of diseases - result combustion at work . Downshifting in such conditions is, as a rule, compelled, about is mute reflect, only when the question rises an edge: either career, or health. Slightly less major case for retreat is the aspiration to minimize legal risks - you know less - better you sleep (will be less ways to carp at you at employees of bodies). The desire to spend more time with a family and children or to devote itself to favourite business leads people too to idea to limit the appetites at work.

It is necessary to remember that the before people will begin to listen to itself, to the internal voice - the probability is less that it should refuse something - to sell short . In classical understanding downshifting is always the choice between the income and stresses, on the one hand, and a peace of mind for smaller remuneration, with another. So the choice always for you, but not for your head and partners.