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Whether modern school students of a crib do?

Of course, do! Did, do and will do. Which of you in school days did not prepare spurs ? For certain all at least once yes tried to compensate thus diligent idleness during an educational quarter, and with their help to leave on control. Studying spurs - the subject inexhaustible, national thought will always seek to invent all new and new means of simplification of life. So, what cribs school students use now?

Some apply the easiest and banal way: write a reference material on a set of small leaflets (so-called subject ) also stuff them into all pockets, sleeves and tops (or do well-known accordion - up to two meters long). On control around such sufferer there is a rustle and a rustle, as in the autumn wood (and periodically comes leaf fall - cribs all heap leave the shelters). And if the teacher does not approach a source of a sound and does not ask it to leave pieces of paper and to leave a class, so or the teacher is deaf, or is incredibly indulgent, or itself hopes that this blockhead at least so will acquire on a troyechka.

This way has options. For example, when subject it is written not on pieces of paper, and on parts of a body, or clothes (meets seldom) the pupil. Quite funny the boy with blue palms trying to read on them about a tangent 45 looks. Such come across very quickly, even quicker rustling companions (or come across at work delivery - hands - that blue about - go - go apparently!) . Some little girls use even more extreme way: write on a leg and when comes time X constantly as if accidentally correct and pull a skirt. If the teacher - the man, a way almost safe (not any man will risk to approach and glance under a skirt to the suspicious maiden - and well as there is nothing? You will be burned with shame!) . And here if it is prosecht by the teacher - the woman - all. Failure.

But not all go so trivial way. It is found out, for example, that the page of the printing text can go in in to a usual gel pen. How? The handyman writes on a piece of paper 115 cm subject (the smallest possible handwriting), coats it with glue and wraps a core. In total. The spur is ready. It is inserted into the smooth case - and forward! Some masters after a series of trainings can find the necessary information in the handle for several seconds. The way has also a number of minuses - fans to find room more on a leaflet risk to sort at all nothing at midpoint less. Besides the rare teacher will disregard the pupil with concentration playing a suspicious coloring the handle.

In general schoolboys quite often use something as a case for spurs . It can be not only the handle, but also a children`s cheap watch for 50 rubles, both an eyeglass case, and a case Yes you never know still what? Here - at whom what the imagination will be enough for.

Something it is similar to this and next way. But it - for especially fearless. On change the strip with material is pasted to a school desk edge. And if the pupil does not stare at it absolutely frankly and if school desks in itself not dark color, it has chances not to get. But such inventions usually attract sharp-sighted audience from the next school desks (and especially back), and the handyman is in the center of general attention. And where general - there and teacher`s.

Did not avoid shpargalochny art and high technologies. There are means urged to alleviate suffering of school students more and more. Come to the rescue of fans of mobile mobile cribs - the collection of data in a subject driven into ordinary phone. If the teacher approached - pretended that you consider on the calculator. On the Internet sale " is well under way; handles with invisible " ink;: lit - it was shown, and the white leaf on a school desk so lies and lies.

The list it is possible to continue infinitely

Why teachers in most cases loyally treat cribs and those who does them? They are wise people, know - a half of those who do spurs never use them and if use - during preparation in the head all the same settles all necessary material. So the crib - a thing very necessary and useful, and besides develops remarkable inventive abilities!