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Women`s issues. What does HE think of them? Part 1

of the Man is called often silly women`s issues by on what cannot give the intelligible answer as actually these questions too clever and thoughtful! Last night the wife in million time told

to me erotic, with aspiration, voice that loves me. I with a kiss did not manage to respond as the question followed to her words: And you?! . And tone of a question sharply contrasted with tone of the first phrase. The light touch of her offense and discontent forced me to blurt out instantly: Of course, my angel . And I suddenly understood that I answer purely mechanically, without reflecting. Both of us play game a question-answer, and they are in advance known to both of us! I for some reason for the first time felt as, has to be, the door-keeper in the doorway of restaurant feels towards evening.

Bothered to bow, and it is necessary Yes with an ulybochka Costs

to us, to men, for a second to tarry with the answer on next quite peace according to women, a question as at once it is distributed or suspicious So, everything is clear to me ! or it is tearful - children`s I am absolutely indifferent for you! . That it is clear ? Why it is suddenly indifferent?! We made nothing bad! Only reflected, kept silent, pretended that did not catch, or caught, but answered beside the point. And we for this purpose have very good reasons. Lovely ladies, you still did not understand what? Of course, of course, and good intentions do not tell lies, do not afflict, do not disappoint including. Well, remember! Well, those cases, when we shamefully kept silent - reflected - did not catch. The most typical

Situation 1.

Remember my light, a pocket mirror, dear women, visits of shops, joint with darling. You see some bagatelle forcing you to tremble in a literal sense with delight: How to you this short skirt (hat, blouse, shoes)? . The man does deep folds around a mouth, extends lips tubule very clearly showing you that it clothes, not delighted with this subject: One more?. .

The answer a question on a question in this case has to help you to remember that in a case become dusty two dozens of similar to this (you do not think, in most - that business that for the man this skirt significantly differs from those that are already available in yours " collections;?) . The reasons of such reaction to your question can be a little.

Answer of the man.

In - the first, the man believes (and - it is not unreasonable) that after he with delight tells you that a short skirt - super, you will begin to examine yourself in a store mirror, and you will ask ten more questions, type: And color not too bright? And I in it do not look silly? It is not too short? And if I with a green handbag dress it? And that washing, brown, to it it is not similar? I have legs in it not too thin?

The man is afraid that this avalanche of questions will cover him with the head. And he drew this conclusion not from a ceiling. It already happened not once, the truth?

The second reason of such answer is covered where you, perhaps, least of all expect to find the reason. Money!

Yes, well It has that with money everything is all right - someone from women will stretch.

The matter is that the man measures the cost of this or that subject of your clothes in man`s categories: your short skirt is eighty liters of gasoline; hundred packs of darling Malboro ; five hours of bowling; twenty hours of billiards; hundred thirty three bottles of cold, fresh beer!

And business at all not that your satellite greedy and mercantile - it with pleasure would play bowling also with you. Just in his brain such two concepts, as " short skirt; and 5 hours of bowling - concepts are not equivalent. Too big overweight. In favor of heavy spheres, metayemy on size

the Situation 2. You love? Marry!

Your beloved gives a ride to you since morning for work. The car passes by the REGISTRY OFFICE (wedding ceremony). With the satellite you together already rather long time. You are in love, and everything at you is remarkable. For idyll, in your opinion, there is not enough only such real trifle as blue stamps in passports which will demonstrate to what you is strong - are firmly connected by Gimeney`s bonds.

You look towards the REGISTRY OFFICE. You sigh: Darling! And when we already there will be? - and the look executed by grief - on dear . Dear pretends that it is busy with the road. He looks in a rear-view mirror, he becomes suddenly attentive to signs and traffic regulations: Soon We will be " soon; - without turning the head, the man speaks in beard. He is busy with the road. You look around. The movement on the road can be absent at all. And terrible thoughts creep to you in the head. And the throat squeezes offense

the Answer of the man.

be not upset! He, certainly, loves you. Simply, in his head the question - " pulses; What for? . In his opinion, all at you and is so good.

You together long enough, you live under the same roof. All know that you - ideal couple. So - What for? . He does not consider it necessary to hurry to get the status " at all; married man . He is afraid somewhere at heart that romanticism of your relations will be pressed down by a ruthless stamp. It absorbed since the childhood horror stories about life which presses about the wife in hair curlers and a fragmentary " dressing gown;. And therefore your question is raised in his head by an alarm signal - Attention! The wife in hair curlers and a fragmentary dressing gown heaved in sight! .

Usually after you ask the man a similar question, he will try to switch attention to something another. Will remember a joke, will tell the ridiculous story which happened to it the day before yesterday. And to the next morning there will go other road

Part 2

Part 3

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