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How to earn on the Internet?

It is sure that at many of us the question periodically torments: where still to earn additionally, but it is desirable from the house and with use of the computer serving, sometimes, only for games or chatter on ICQ. So, we will begin our searches.

as one of earnings on the Internet got accustomed the " system for a long time; registration - money cliques - money . I explain: You are registered on any website or click (press) their advertizing banners for what to you $0,01 are charged usually. As soon as the sum reaches $10, it is possible to demand it. At first sight, it seems a children`s entertainment - sit, be registered, click. But, in - the first while these $0,01 turns into $10, there passes a lot of time; in - the second, in the course of this fascinating work the payment for your Internet will pass for $10 and more long ago; and, in - the third as soon as you though on an iota approach the treasured earned sum, employer instantly disappears.

After couple of similar failures I decided to go in other way, namely - to turn the looking for look on such concept as distant work. It means: You work at home, and people whom you even in eyes do not see pay you. Most of all such work suits creators of the websites, computer designers and especially - to programmers on whom vacancies overflow all Internet. For a weak floor, in the majority of nothing not understanding in programming, for example, the computer set or writing of texts most approaches ( content ) . Naturally, at once there will be a question: if, for example, you found distant work in other city, what in general probability that will pay you? To the narration at once: not the fact that you will be deceived all - meet also honest, but to communicate seriously about the Internet - work better only if you are psychologically ready to burn through .

For finding of vacancies on the Internet it is possible to visit any website on job search, to place the summary and to specify in the column that you look for distant work then to you offers on E - mail will begin to arrive. For example, there are a lot of orders on a set of texts from the scanned copies: Hardly distinguishable scanned text (and it can be also the textbook of the higher mathematics with formulas) is sent you by time, it is offered to gather all this properly in the Word   program; and to send back. But before it also to pay the employer a certain symbolical sum that he had a guarantee that you will not run away and you will not leave the order on the middle, because there are many precedents of refusal of work, from - for whom the firm sustains financial losses . Here also the first doubts begin to arise: if everything is good why the people refuse this work?

There are a lot of orders on the Internet for translations or writing of technical texts. But, for example, as horoscopes,   are formed; I for certain knew too: the majority of them is written … us, dear. Somehow the order from the website of horoscopes arrived, and the requirement was: texts should not contradict each other, not repeat and not be borrowed from anywhere - and for the rest, as they say, write, anything as a hobby and to spit on stars. I decided to try, but in response to performance trial " task; unexpectedly refusal of further services came. Main council: to be discouraged after refused to you, is not necessary because trial " tasks; - it, I think that other as well thought over tactics. You imagine how many applicants appear on one vacancy on the Internet? Here - here. And if to send everyone on one to the trial " task; and then tactfully to refuse, it is possible to collect quietly all executed material and free of charge to use it. Then to find applicants again, to send them new " blocks; trial " task; to receive, not to pay - and so indefinitely. Conveniently? Still.

In general, it turns out that the payment for the majority of work on the Internet is rather, compensation of moral damage and if you manage to beat out this payment - consider that you were incredibly lucky. Here, for example, from one website about dances the offer to write texts arrived. Being assured (though with a big stretch) that dances - my elements I agreed. However lovely dancers expressed an extreme regret that I live in other city and therefore they will not be able to pay me. But will not be able because they pay work of journalists for writing articles … lessons of dances. Yes, I in all seriousness. That is you speak at home that you follow the fee, and actually you go to teach several pas. I do not know

who thought up the first to operate others work for free of charge and to fool us on the Internet in every possible way, but it is advisable to make the good dancer of such person - in sense, to clean what disturbs bad. But if you intended to work (more precisely, to earn additionally) in a network, then I will not begin to dissuade you - now many are busy with it. Just before it have patience, dance incendiary a flamenco for a tone, think up to yourself a horoscope on life and - and everything at you will turn out.