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How to choose bank? Criterion: convenience of use

comes Once day when you understand that it is unprofitable to store the savings under a pillow, it is dangerous or they there just are not located any more. There is a question of the choice of bank in which it would be possible to open the account to hold on it the means. Let`s try to understand how to make a choice it is correct.

The size of the commission for cashing in Some banks take

the commission for removal of money in the ATMs or cash desks, some - are not present. Before signing the contract for opening of the account, once you study tariffs of banks for these operations and to choose the option which is most suitable you.

The percent charged for the rest on current accounts

At different banks it fluctuates in quite wide limits, but is usually small, in comparison, for example, with percent on deposits. It is that income which you will gain from the means lying on your current account. The sum of percent is ranked every month as the sum of means on the account.

The size of a network of bank branches

If you live in the big city and seldom leave out of its limits, for you does not matter where to open the account. But if you constantly go along the same routes, and you should withdraw money in ATMs in the different cities, then the bank presented in the majority of these cities will be the optimum choice. In that case you should not pay the commission for cashing in of means in ATMs of other banks.

The service charges of the account and card

In the majority of banks the conclusion of the contract for opening of the account assume release of a plastic card which will be linked to this account. By means of the card you will withdraw money in ATMs or to pay off in those places where there are special terminals - for example, in shops, restaurants, etc. It is necessary to pay attention to whether the bank holds the commission for maintaining the account and service of the card. As a rule, it depends on concrete bank and on card type. The commission can be written off once a year or time a month from your account. If the size of the commission appears more, than income gained in the form of percent on the rest on your account, then such cooperation, certainly, it will be more favorable to bank, than you.

An opportunity to pay for mobile communication, utilities etc. Some banks give an opportunity to pay utilities or services of mobile operators by means of the card via the ATM. It is convenient as it is not necessary to go to savings bank or collection point for payments, to stand in a queue, to fill papers. If this moment is important for you, surely take an interest whether provides bank in which you are going to open the account, such services.

Remote bank service

Many banks give to the clients an opportunity to work with the account far off - to make payments, to check a state of the account, to receive extracts, to buy - to sell currency. For this purpose it is necessary to establish the special software on your computer and to connect to bank through the Internet or on direct modem connection. Consider the fact that remote service sometimes costs additional resources and for its implementation the separate contract is signed. Such way is suitable for those who carry out many payment operations.

The notice of operations in the form of the SMS on the mobile phone

Those who want to control constantly a condition of the account - for example the having several cards for different family members, linked to one joint account, - will estimate this, usually paid, service.

Discounts at payment according to the card

Many banks carry out joint programs with shops, restaurants, gas stations, fitness - the centers etc., providing discounts to the clients at payment according to the card. Sometimes these programs help to save that who constantly uses certain services.

Not to get confused in variety of the products offered by banks, determine critical parameters for you from listed, and pick up the option which is most conforming to your requirements.