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Why the child on hands at the beggar sleeps?

In transition near metro station sit the woman of uncertain age. It can give straight off both thirty, and twenty three, and forty two. Hair at the woman are confused and dirty, the head is hung in grief. Before the woman on the spat floor of transition the paper bag lies. Compassionate citizens throw money into a paper bag. Also would not throw and on hands the woman holds powerful argument in favor of the fact that money is simply necessary for it. On hands at the woman the child of years of two sleeps. It in the dirty hat which was once white in a sports suit. Transition - the place rather brisk. Also the human crowd flows a never-ending stream, and the trifle in a paper bag rings, and notes rustle.

I went by the woman about a month. I guessed to whom the money endowed by numerous passersby leaves. How many govoreno how many it is written, but the people our such - compassionate. Compassionate, to tears. Our people are ready to give away the shirt off back, to shake out the last kopeks from a pocket. Gave it unfortunate - also you feel that at you it is still not so bad. Helped, it seems, as. Made good business

Ya month went by the beggar. Did not give as did not want that on my money some villain bought a brick one piece and inserted into a wall of the new house - the palace. Let it will have a hole in a wall, at the villain of it. There will be no brick from me. But, how the beggar was given, the owner had her already several houses - palaces.

Well and the beggar something falls intermittently, of course. A vodka bottle for the evening and shawarma. Owners such points begging have much, but differ in greed. And cruelty. On that superprofitable business also sticks to them. On money yes on fear. Nobody from lowering a coin in kulechek knows that to rise to the place of near Vladimirsky Cathedral it is impossible, and circulation on subway cars with sadly - viscous forgive that I to you address costs from 20 dollars a day. Or - knows? In that case - knows, but gives?

None of the good-natured persons endowing to madonna and child does not think of one more question. Over one discrepancy which literally is evident. A month of circulation later suddenly as missed me with current the beggar, and I, having stopped in populous transition, stared at the kid dressed in permanently - a dirty sports suit. I understood that it seemed to me wrong if it is possible to call correct already finding of the child in a dirty underground passage all day long. The child slept. Neither whimper, nor shriek. Slept, having buried a face in a knee of that who it was represented by his mother. The beggar raised on me eyes. Our views met. I bet, she understood that I understood

U of which of you, dear readers, are children? Remember how often they slept aged 1 - 2 - 3 - x years? Hour, two, at most three (not in a row) day dream, and again - the movement. For all month of my everyday circulation on transition I NEVER saw the child awake! I looked at the little man who buried in a knee mothers and my terrible suspicion was gradually formed in strong confidence.

- Why he sleeps all the time? - I asked, having stared at the child.

the Beggar pretended that she did not catch. She looked down and muffled in a collar of a shabby jacket. I repeated a question. The woman raised eyes again. She looked for my back somewhere. In her look the tired irritation mixed up with the total detachment was clearly read. I for the first time saw a similar view. A look of a being from other planet.

- Went on - she said one lips.

- Why he sleeps?! - I almost shouted

Behind someone put a hand to me on a shoulder. I looked back. The man with a typical face of the worker from nearby plant disapprovingly frowned gray-haired eyebrows:

- You what stuck to it? You see - and so life at it Eh On here, the daughter, - the man shook out coins from the huge hand.

the Beggar crossed, having represented humility and universal grief on a face. The man cleaned a ruchishcha from my shoulder, started wandering to an exit from transition. He will tell houses how he protected the oppressed, unfortunate, unfortunate woman from the villain in expensive sheepskin coat.

The militiaman who approached me in transition next day was expressed almost as well as it ward beggar. And on the question I received exhaustive:

- Went in

A the child slept

Ya called the acquaintance. This is the cheerful and fun-loving person with eyes - olives. He hardly ended three classes, and reads hardly. Total absence of education does not prevent it to move on city streets on very expensive foreign cars and to live in a lodge with uncountable quantity of windows, turrets and balconies. The acquaintance was very surprised with my confidence that one and all similar business is controlled by representatives of his nationality. I learned that in Kiev beggars hold both Moldavians, and Ukrainians. And, the first specialize, generally on disabled veterans . We often see them on transitions and traffic lights, scurrying about literally under wheels of cars. Imaginary Afghans work as well in the subway.

Various patients lame and arrived to do the operation manage with equal success both Ukrainians, and Roma. Business is this, despite the seeming spontaneity, it is accurately organized. Begging by organized criminal groups, and the money thrown by semi-poor passersby in kulechek " is supervised; unfortunate disabled person leave upward . And, so upward that, learn about it the compassionate passerby, he would faint from surprise. Children are taken in rent at families of alcoholics, or simply steal. But all this that is told, florets.

to me needed to receive the answer to a question - why the child sleeps? And I received it. And, my familiar Gipsy said the phrase which threw me in shock is quite ordinary, a quiet voice. As told about weather:

- Either under heroin, or under vodka

Ya was dumbfounded. Who under heroin? Who - under vodka?!

- the Child. That did not shout, did not disturb. To it with it the whole day to sit, you represent how it can bother?

In order that the child slept all day, it is pumped up vodka. Or - drugs. Certainly that the children`s organism is not capable to cope with such shock. And children often die. The most terrible - sometimes die in the afternoon, among working day . And imaginary mother has to stay with the dead child on hands till the evening. Rules are that. Also there are by passersby, and throw a trifle into a paper bag, and consider that they arrive nobly. Help to single mother

Next day I stood in transition near metro station L. The militiaman who answered to me yesterday with a curse was not visible. I stocked up with the journalistic certificate, and was ready to serious conversation. But conversation did not turn out. And the following turned out

At the woman on hands OTHER child lay. The beggar simply ignored my questions with the released person. I was interested in documents on the child, and, the most important - where the yesterday`s kid?

The beggar ignored questions, but they were not ignored by the dealers standing nearby. From the woman trading in shorts I learned that I should leave, to put it mildly, from transition. Her indignant neigbours in craft were connected to exclamations of the dealer. After them - passersby of advanced years. Generally, I with a shame was turned out from transition. It was necessary - to call one 02 or to look for militia patrol. But the militia found me. The sergeant, the fan to send in , approached me and asked documents. I provided documents, and expressed the opinion on finding of the woman with the child in transition. The sergeant agreed with me, and went to call someone. I faced transition, with full feeling that I try to fight against windmills. Several minutes later in transition there were already no dealers whether beggars with the sleeping child When you see

in the subway, whether on the street of the women with children begging reflect before your hand gets behind money. Think that there is no yours and hundreds of thousands of handouts, and this business would die. Business, but not the children who are pumped up by vodka or drugs would die. You do not look at the sleeping child with affection. You look with horror. Because you who read this article know now - why the child

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