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Where most to make the website free of charge? The designer of the websites Ucoz

Now very many firms and individuals have the websites on the Internet.

For major solid company - it is additional advertizing and additional sales of its goods and services.

For individuals - it is an opportunity to begin the business on the Internet and just to represent the private interests of large audience, to find the same keen people, to exchange with them opinions and doubts, it is simple to communicate on the subjects well familiar and absolutely new.

If it is the best of all for firm to create the website by means of experts, then to the individuals who are not pursuing commercial purposes, such pleasure, probably, is too expensive because the good website costs several thousands of rubles.

How individuals do the websites? Yes it is very simple! There are on the Internet many companies which give an opportunity to make the website absolutely free of charge.

For example, my website is placed on a free hosting of www. ucoz. ru. It is now, perhaps, one of the best free hostings on the Russian-speaking Internet.

But as all free in actual fact appears not absolutely free even it has the shortcomings.

For example, sometimes the hosting of Ucoz stops reception of new users, just because its server is crowded. And it is crowded not only good, but it is frequent even just thrown websites!

Besides, constantly is present at all websites of this hosting others the advertizing which does not have any relation to this website and its owners. However all these shortcomings with interest pay off essentially new Ucoz technologies.

To create the website on Ucoz, it is necessary to know the HTML language at least a little. Then you will be able independently to make the website on any subject, and employees of ucoz will consult you and will help you development of any block of your website.

However here again there is the but .

Prepare that if you ask a question not so or ask something on what the answer was already given to other visitors of a forum, you are expected by squall of abuse instead of the quiet answer that the answer to this question needs to be looked for there - and there -

It is possible to understand such behavior of people who in the 100-th and thousand time should answer silly questions of clients which cannot quickly and without questions to orient in the control panel of own website in addition not familiar with HTML elements. Probably, the last circumstance most enrages attendants of this very good free hosting.

I Think that it is necessary to be indulgent and to forgive them it. But also they too, obviously, need to be slightly - slightly more indulgently to those whom they undertook to serve.

And hosting really quite good. For example, at a forum of technical support it is possible to find out the question interesting you on work and adjustment of any block of the website. And on the website of new design to pick up an individual type of your website by which already will even difficult associate it with a free hosting for the website.

Besides, Ucoz gives an opportunity to use the website made by you on own domain 2 - go level! And then your website turns practically into your own.

If you are not familiar with bases of HTML yet and cannot construct the website on ucoz, to you quite in power will be to create the forum on www hosting. mybb. ru.

Tam is an opportunity to learn to use the separate HTML elements, and after that it will be possible and to pass to ucoz. At least, I made quite so. I had a very good forum on mybb. ru with good attendance, interesting subjects and regular customers.

But why I did not remain on mybb. ru? - you ask.

- And everything is very simple. You did not forget that a hosting free? And what it means? It means that a forum as if and yours, but at the same time at all and does not belong to you.

In particular, my forum with all its remarkable subjects in one fine moment simply cleaned from the Internet. It appeared, it was removed by mistake together with those forums which stood idle and had no visitors. Incidentally my forum got among others also. And it just disappeared. I gather its address, and it is absent! It turned out that maybe so. Here such difficulties can be with free hostings.

Ya then, I remember, awfully was upset! All the time gathered the address of the former forum and all could not believe the eyes that it does not exist any more. As though someone close was gone and to me without it it is very bad.

If you connected to the web only recently or you do not want to create a forum at all, and there is a wish to make the website, then it is possible to create the website - the blog or to use www hosting. boom. ru or www. narod. ru.

Blogs, and even their communities, it is possible to make now anywhere. In particular, many blogs are created by users on mail. ru and on narod. ru.

On the website there is too an opportunity to create the blog. For this purpose it is necessary to be registered and on the page to find the words My blog .

I made the first website on people . And this website still functions. On it there are even visitors.

Though, of course, it strongly changed since then when I made its first pages. Both the subject, and a look, and site content changed. If it is interesting, you can see it to the address www. loras - site. narod. ru. Now I use this website only as addition to the website on Ucoz.

And in general site building is very interesting thing! I recommend. Be engaged at a leisure, and you will find something absolutely new and novel earlier both in the process and in that result which turns out, eventually.