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What do you know Mkrtchyan about tragic destiny of Frunze?

As a rule, having seen the person playing a role on the screen or in a theatrical performance we often identify him with the played image, but it is not always true. Georgy Vitsin who was often playing roles of strongly drinking people in life did not take alcoholic beverages. Sean Connery, one of the first heroes of fighters, does not transfer even a usual prick.

At great actors, even comedy, often difficult and hard lots. There is a wish to remember the people`s artist of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic Frunzik Mkrtchyan (Frunze (Mger) of Mushegovich Mkrtchyan (1930 - 1993)). It was loved by all Soviet Union - the memorable appearance, kind eyes, a fine mimicry, plasticity, bright roles. From fans there was no release, it was a welcome guest practically in any house, both on the historical homeland, and in all our immense country. An idol he considered great Charlie Chaplin. He spoke: Chaplin for me as Bach in music is the teacher of mankind. Just as life teems with surprises, and Chaplin did not cease to surprise me. Once the Moscow television shot about me the documentary. It began shots where the little boy watches at movie theater the movie with Chaplin, and has a desire once as well as it, to play cinema. It was not casual. I became a comedian because dreamed of it since the childhood. I very much respect all pioneers of film grotesque. They were that whom was Gagarin in astronautics. Only I personally can put nobody in one row with Chaplin .

Meanwhile, the few knew about its hard lot, about the tragedies pursuing Frunze Mkrtchyana. All life, despite his dreams of serious drama roles, it is rather even tragic, it most often got roles in comedy movies, such as Caucasian captive Mimino Vanity puts . He gave all the best on a shooting stage for all hundred percent, played soul, its many phrases became winged, and they were repeated by all country.

The person who gave pleasure to the audience in private life was deeply unfortunate. His wife of Damir with whom he lived several years and which gave birth to him to two children the daughter Nune and the son Vazgen was mentally unhealthy. The sentence of doctors was terrible - schizophrenia. Local doctors could help nothing to it and the family sent for treatment in psychiatric clinic to France. Meanwhile the daughter of the actor married and went to Argentina - his son Vazgen became meaning of life of Frunze. Unfortunately, it, as well as his mother, was mentally unhealthy. Second marriage of Mkrtchyan, his hope, with charming Tamara, the daughter of the chairman of the Writers` Union of Armenia Oganesyan, did not bring it happiness and broke up soon.

In the last years of life Frunze was engaged in creation of own theater. He died on December 29, 1993 in Yerevan. For many judges of talent of the outstanding actor this day became a day of mourning. On December 31 thousands of people took to the streets of Yerevan to follow to the grave the national favourite. Contrary to ordinary opinion, that the health of the actor was strongly affected by death of the daughter in road accident Nune died in Argentina after death of the father. Difficult operation after which the come-off blood clot led the actor`s daughter to death was performed on it. The son Vazgen died not so long ago, of cirrhosis.

Today in the city of Gyumri, in the homeland of Frunze, there is a museum of his name, and in Yerevan - Artistic theater of Mger Mkrtchyan which artistic director was a brother of Frunze - Albert Mushegovich, the talented film director. On the theater building - a memorial board with the image of the well-known profile of the great, talented actor and beautiful person, Frunzika Mkrtchyana, which light image forever in our memory!