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Game addiction - cheerful pastime or a road to nowhere? Part 2


Lie - the eternal satellite of game and players. You already became the pathological player. You have an illness. And symptoms of this illness, those signs on which your relatives can make out your problem - lie and everyday deception. Your wife a blank look looks at you. She just asked where your salary. A salary detain the third month. You so tell it. She does not trust. At you in a pocket the treasured one hundred lies, but it is very necessary to you tomorrow. It is necessary to recoup

closer to the final.

you are discharged from office. The best worker, perspective and promising, stole money in firm. You are revolted, of course. You are sure that, having recouped, you would return money. But you are not imperious over yourself any more. You - are dependent on game. At what work you would not work, you, hundred percent, will find a way to facilitate pockets of your employers for the large sum. Without game you cannot

Treatment any more. your illness is brought by

C of 1980 in all medical reference books under the name of a ludomaniye , from the Latin word ludus (ludus, game). The World Health Organization appropriated it the international F63 code. 0. The fact that you understand that you are sick - already very well. Many do not understand. You realized the dependence, and all heart desired to get rid of it. And here you are expected by a problem. The illness is recognized as incurable. How to relieve the person of this awful dependence - secret. I heard that in Poland to pathological players several cubic centimeters of a brain, responsible, according to doctors, for an azartnost cut out. But we not in Poland, and at us similar does not practice. You will go to the psychologist, and he (psychologist) will prescribe you a paid course of psychorehabilitation. And, otkhodiv the put several occupations, you will go to a roulette! The illness already took roots, and took your brain. You in the power of terrible dependence. You approach the final

the Final. does not have

In the apartment gold, there is no equipment, there is nothing that could be sold. You have in a pocket an old mobile phone which is not taken in a pawnshop and on a radio market. If you had a wife, her, most likely, any more is not present in your apartment. It left. If you have relatives, then and they are not near you any more. You owe all. To neighbors, family, friends. However, you too any more have no friends. You have no car, there is no refrigerator even. You have nothing. However, you not the bum! Apartment And the last step made by the pathological player - sale or a mortgaging of the apartment. Though, no. Incorrectly. Not the last, it is rather - penultimate. You lose, certainly. You play va - bank, and - you lose. Also the decision comes As they finish

. the Enormous number of pathological players commit

suicide. They become powerless before the dependence, and do not see other for themselves an exit. Many become bums or go to villages, having lost apartments.

How to distinguish the pathological player?

If your husband (brother, son, friend):

- often lies concerning the financial affairs;

- suffers a constant shortage of money;

- lends;

- takes out gold, money, the equipment from the apartment;

- saves on necessary things, and at the same time you see that it has money;

- postpones for game;

- vanishes in a casino several times in a week.

If all this takes place to be - you have an occasion to suspect the loved one that he is a pathological player. Diagnostics is complicated by the fact that as I already told above, game and lie - twins - brothers. The TV can be it is lent to the friend, the mobile phone can be stolen, and money it is necessary to give to racketeers . The lie is on the first place in life of any player. And to distinguish similar lie - your duty if this person is really dear to you.

How not to become the pathological player? not to play

. If you did not get stuck in this bog yet - do not play! Do not allow to play to the child, do not encourage game of the acquaintances.

If got stuck. the Author of these lines played

more than ten years. And, began with automatic machines, and finished with a roulette. In ten years it was lost near Generally, it is terrible to me to call this sum. Astronomical sum. Unreal. On this money, even on today`s exorbitant prices for housing in the capital, it would be possible to get several apartments. I very quickly understood that I became dependent. But the point of not return was passed, and I began the falling down. The player understands that he does nasty things and nonsenses. But it CAN not but do them. It is mania. The person is not imperious over himself, and no arrangements will help here. I will share personal experience, without calling anybody for anything and without agitating. I tried everything. My matters were improved by what my spouse solved not to wave on me a hand and not to do that nine wives would make of ten. She decided to fight together with me.

Ways of fight.

1. Threats.

- If you once again there go, we will leave!

Works day, two. Then situation is aggravated with the fact that the player begins to hide what he plays. In the city tens of casinos therefore to disappear - not a problem.

2. Entreaties.

the Player understands that he does inadmissible. However can do. A result - a way not effective.

3. Withdrawal of cash. Not bad works with

if the player meets requirements of you. The way is good, but - short-lived. Later certain time the player will begin to hide the finance from you.

4. Psychoanalyst. had enough

After a course of psychoanalysis me personally for three days.

5. God. Everything turned out

so simply that I did not believe when it happened. The friend who got rid of drug addiction invited me in church. It is charismatic church, and it I will not tell the name not to be suspected in to propaganda and advertizing .

- I do not trust! - I told.

- Ask, and IT will give you disposal, - the friend answered. ten minutes Later after the beginning of service I burst out crying with

as the baby, and understood that I will not play any more than

Anticipating questions, I will note that sectarian I did not become.

Not everything was smooth. Pulled THERE not once or twice, especially after one - two months. And here the main thing - to resist. To make a right choice between the life and a hole called game dependence . Resisted, and now

In our city hundreds of game institutions, thousands of salons of gaming machines lead a wonderful life of the normal person . Look at the faces of the players sitting in front of screens of the iron monsters exhausting the last money at already not very rich electorate . On faces of one - rage and despair, on others - pleasure of a prize. Unites all these persons one - readiness to go all the way. Till that end which naturally expects any pathological player. It are persons of

doomed Part 1

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