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Game addiction - cheerful pastime or a road to nowhere? Part 1

Recently, passable Kosmonavtov Square that on Chokolovka, I paid attention to the new institution constructed instead of salon of bathroom equipment. The abundance of the shining neon lamps and a bright sign spoke for themselves - in Kiev on one salon of gaming machines there was more.

The sad destiny of salon of bathroom equipment comprehended several months before a drugstore at Sevastopolskaya Square and shop of electrogoods on the Red bunting. So far game institutions are born in Kiev, and the mayor tells tales that we will begin to close a casino " soon; there is a problem. Very serious problem. And therefore I want to tell you about the terrible dependence which is given rise by game. I hope, my article will help somebody whose family or acquaintances did not get stuck in this awful bog yet. And it is possible, this article will be read by someone from those who considers that its game sometimes and occasionally - occupation absolutely harmless, not able to bring any problems. I will tell about dependence which is given rise by game.

As it begins.

Yes somehow! Your child can sit in the company of schoolmates behind the gaming machine in the salon close to your house. You can come into restaurant, and to relax on a roulette, or behind a card play. In Kiev there are casinos in which counters have par value from 2 hryvnias. Kickshaw. Besides, you can be invited to play on an electronic roulette. An electronic roulette - the remarkable invention of game business. The patent costs 10 times less than the patent for a roulette live with the croupier and counters. And here effect of game the same. You sit on a convenient stool and press on buttons. Pressed - there is no hryvnia. Won - on the screen the sum was lit. The ball is blown by automatically compressed air. Sidi to yourself, on buttons press. Relax. Cases when on electronic roulettes tens of thousands of dollars in a night were lost are known to me. Well, it not about me! - someone from readers will declare, - I did not see such money in eyes . You do not hurry with conclusions. I only began

That happens for the first time. you win

! You can call such regularity accident, you can count yourself as the lucky person and favourite of fate . All know this ordinary expression - first time lucky . But it is rare who from hearing this worldly wisdom thought of a question - and why so? . Why first time lucky? I will not give you a definite answer on this question. I will express the opinion. For the long, twisting ladder expecting the potential player, this first step the first step, is very important. The first prize is kept in mind. You, smiling, you leave a game institution, without understanding from where stories about angry and terrible owners of a casino undertake. You are imposed by benevolent smiles of administrators of the game hall, at heart it is joyful and easy. You squeeze in a note palm, got to you it is extremely easy, and leave. This prize is very important for game business. All this business keeps on your first prize. At you the thought that money can be not earned settles in the head, and to WIN

the Second time.

If it all - comes, so you were bought. Bought a colourful candy wrapper as the child believed in the fairy tale. Also you should not prove the arrival by the fact that you came here incidentally. The second time is not accident any more. Of course, not the fact that you is dense you will sit down on drug by name game . But all prerequisites already are

the Fourteenth time. you lost

again? Well and, and yesterday won? And the day before yesterday won much, huh? your game keeps meanwhile on memoirs and acting out. You win back that lost yesterday, and remember the huge prize which was a month ago. Having won hundred dollars today, you will not be satisfied. In the head the reminiscence about lost the day before yesterday two hundred sits! You notice nothing in the behavior strange and unusual yet? You do not think of game on hundred times per day? You do not tell about the prizes to acquaintances? You do not share impressions of game on a roulette with the family?

All events seems to you a cheerful adventure, game. Your visit of a casino - no more than stylish and fashionable pastime. You are recognized by administrators of a casino (if training at administrators good, then they and your name remember), you already got acquainted with frequenters of a roulette and have heard plenty of stories about hundred-thousandth prizes.

At this stage I would advise you to pay attention to appearance of your new acquaintances. Pay attention to brand of cigarettes that is smoked by the one who broadcasts to you about the won millions. In 90% of cases you will see expensive, but fairly shabby things. These are traces of former wellbeing. And a keyword - past . The one that smokes expensive cigarettes today can not have them tomorrow in general. And in general, players have such habit - to save on themselves (and on the family), but never to save on game. You, of course, yet not such, as they. Or rather, you think that you not such . You already closely approached that line, behind which - darkness and gnashing of teeth ,

a year Later. to

For someone needs month. For someone - three years. Let`s consider that you had enough year. Came true. You are a player. Already several times visited you revelation on the fact that only fools " work; you already had dozens of big prizes. I had an acquaintance who won 60000 hryvnias in a night. It is natural that at work such lucky relaxes . What to me your 300 dollars of a salary if I win sixty thousand in a night? Very many become professional players . They see that it is quite real - to remove in a day one thousand hryvnias from a roulette. It seems to them that they see that it is real . Such person plunges into the world of illusions, into the unreal world of the dreams. You play now every evening. Sometimes you finish game after midnight, sometimes - at daybreak. Having lost, you reproach yourself the last words. You remember that you were the winner, but did not leave. Ah, if left! - you think The next evening you in time you stop also you carry away home a big prize. And the day after tomorrow you lose it at the same table, and you report from above the monthly salary

Withdrawal pains. you do not have

U money. Quite normal state of quite normal citizen of Ukraine. Today not, tomorrow - is. But not at you. Because you are a player. And you lost the money saved on summer holiday and also borrowed at work. So, evening. And there is no money. And begins to break you

Ya communicated with injection addicts much, and with surprise found out that descriptions of withdrawal pains narcotic are quite similar to descriptions of withdrawal pains game. Extreme overexcitement, nervousness. The person does not sit in one place, at it in the head the thought - " pulses; WHERE to TAKE MONEY? . Players with an experience are ready at such moments for the most disgusting acts. Can steal gold from mother or put the wife`s fur coat. Can take out the equipment from the house, can rob, can kill. It - is serious. The person does not understand still what happens to him. HE SHOULD PLAY. To endure adrenaline inflow, to test happiness of a prize. In most cases you find money. You can lend, can pawn superfluous TV. For a while, you think, for a week. Then - I will redeem Do not redeem! And if redeem, then then put again. As you are already familiar with its majesty the PAWNSHOP, the best friend of addicts, alcoholics and players to

To be continued