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How to interest and fascinate, or Secrets of seduction of

Each of us, probably, asked more than once himself a question why some people have success in an opposite sex, and some are not present? In what difference usual people from favourites of public ? In the article I will try to disclose these differences and to list several councils for seduction thanks to which you will understand how to fascinate and interest.

So, in - the first, we should specify that ability to fascinate and interest an opposite sex does not depend on beauty, from a manner to put on also from material welfare. Of course, the first impression is very important, but it only right at the beginning, then we pay attention to power of the person, to a certain highlight, to something internal. Some not so handsome guys dement a lot of little girls, and some girls whose appearance - anything special, break hearts to the most handsome guys. There is a lot of examples. You also without effort can remember such cases from the life.

FIRST SECRET. It is power, a certain highlight in the person, a charm. To approach it and to radiate energy of a charm and interest, the spirit is necessary. Favourites have such spirit from the birth, from parents, or get in life. One my familiar absolutely ugly girl had a great number of admirers. When it was asked in what a secret of her charm, she answered that in the childhood her clever mother when she noticed that her daughter ugly, spoke only about what she is a beauty. The girl grew up charming and self-assured.

How to reach this state? Affirmatsiyami (positive statements). For example, when I where - nibud gather and just I want that men paid to me much attention, I go on about myself the phrase I am gentle, attractive, beautiful, charming or Love everywhere in the world, and I love and it is loved . And, you know, very much helps. I feel on myself a set of views, flirtation arises even where you do not wait. There is a certain confidence. Try, you will lose nothing. The main thing - to pronounce it with love and to believe that it actually so. You can think up the affirmation, the mere verbiage.

SECOND SECRET. Sil of a look and smile. Perceive communication and flirtation as game. It is always difficult to us to fascinate the person who very much is pleasant to us. So let`s play. In game it is much easier to work. It is easier to smile and answer by sight with a look. Notice, men are favourites and women - favourites smile more often and is interested look at other people. The smile and a look are signals which we send and we say these that we are open and ready to communication.

The look has to be fleeting, that is look in eyes to the person, slightly smiling, and then look away. Then it is possible to repeat again. Women very well know this reception and often use it. It is called to shoot eyes . The smile can be easy, hardly noticeable. To receive such smile and gloss of eyes, it is necessary to look at the person and to think what in him is interesting and attractive. The interested person will be created.

There is one way to add to eyes gloss. It is possible before important meetings to use eye drops Diabenil (consult to the doctor!) . Drops are close on action to such preparations as suprastin, diazolean which are applied inside. Drops affect only eyes and do them brilliant, the redness and irritation vanishes. And that the smile did not vanish all day, it is possible to use reception of psychologists and to intentionally hold a smile on lips within 10 minutes. Result - good mood for the whole day and a charming smile.

THIRD SECRET. you, your attention, your love it is necessary to deserve still.

Is the most important secret. This also distinguishes ordinary people from people who always in the center of attention of an opposite sex. Usually we try to be pleasant to the person, we try to seem better, and it is necessary to work on the contrary. But the less we love the person, the less we try to be pleasant, the more we are pleasant to him. It is not necessary to fight for attention, approval of other person, let him try to deserve your love, a smile, a look. Let it will be a gift for it.

For this purpose it is necessary to think: What to me to make in order that the person wanted to be pleasant to me? . Even if you will only think at first so, then it will be already good. Soon you will notice how also all your actions will change. Never you speak DA . All the same, who you are: man or woman. Instead of DA use phrases Let`s LOOK AT YOUR BEHAVIOUR CAN be etc. If you want to attract interest in yourself, then the person can throw a call. For example, I DO NOT FALL IN LOVE It WILL not TURN OUT to ACHIEVE MENYA " From YOU; etc.

Most important - be yourself in any situations and everywhere. You should not change the interests from - for interests of other person. Of course, it is possible to reach compromise, but never act to the detriment of yourself not to condemn other person and not to abuse themselves then. Never and justify for anything. You show these that you are interested, so, more weakly. Instead of justifications, answer simply YES I SUCH (SUCH) . Let you be jealous, let you be afraid to be lost. Let for you fight and try to obtain your attention and friendship. And you allow to love yourself or you love so that not to be dissolved in other person, and to be themselves and to fascinate him again and again.

In conclusion there is a wish to note that in any person there is something charming and attractive. The main thing is not to hide, and always to be oneself, treat other people with love and understanding and not to forget about the interests.

I hope, my councils will help you. I wish good luck, dear reader!