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What the permanent make-up is capable of? Each woman spends

at least fifteen minutes for drawing a make-up in the mornings. That is, 1 hour 45 minutes a week, 6 hours a month, nearly four days a year. That is, more than 1% of the life. And it apart from make-up corrections during the day, time spent in front of the mirror before solemn occasions, etc. If to consider these moments, the figure will increase to two weeks in a year. The noticeable part of the family budget is spent for decorative cosmetics. You quite often refuse to yourself some everyday pleasures, being afraid that the make-up will deteriorate.

But can be forgotten about all these problems for the whole three years. The permanent make-up, or a permanent make-up will help with it. You will be in full combat readiness 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Lipstick will not be smeared, the eyeliner will not begin to flow. Besides, the permanent make-up gives an opportunity to correct a shape of lips, eyes or eyebrows.

The permanent make-up is a make-up - a tattoo. However it keeps no more than three years. However, if necessary it is possible to repeat procedure, having updated a make-up. It is possible to make up lips to draw shooters or to paint eyelids shadows . The permanent make-up of eyebrows is very popular. It is possible to represent a coquettish birthmark on a face.

One of the most widespread diseases of our time is the allergy. An allergy to decorative cosmetics - not such a rarity. The special mineral paints used for a permanent make-up can solve this problem. However before visiting salon, consult to the doctor.

the Permanent make-up helps to solve many problems connected with face defects or with consequences of plastic surgery. It also helps to correct some face defects. It is possible to make imperceptible small asymmetry of eyes. In order that lips looked chubbier , it is not obligatory to resort to plastic surgery at all. Color correction will come to the rescue. The permanent make-up will visually make your eyebrows dense and accurate, will give them the correct form. It is possible to paint over pigmentary spots, to hide scars. Some even use this opportunity to tint nipples. However, after some breast operations it is need.

You should not think that you for several years will be doomed to go with the same make-up. Permanent paints are easily blocked traditional means of decorative cosmetics. Over a black eyeliner it is possible to put blue, eyelids to paint over or add with color shadows.

Today the permanent make-up is included in the list of services of many beauty shops. It is necessary to approach the choice of salon even more carefully, than in a case with a tattoo. You will not hide badly executed permanent make-up under clothes. And in general - putting paint on the person, especially on eyelids - very thin procedure demanding high degree of skill.

The tattoo is put only under anesthesia. However completely it will not be possible to avoid pain. Procedure 1,5 - lasts 3 hours.

Healing of skin lasts about a week. During this time your skin will be shelled, color of paints will be very bright. At this time it is necessary to put three times a day on a face the moisturizing cream. Do not sunbathe on the beach, do not visit a sauna, do not use srubs. Your skin is too vulnerable now. Suffer until it begins to live.

And before putting a tattoo, to you have to make fitting make-up. Such make-up is done by means of usual decorative cosmetics. Consult to friends and relatives, think. With such make-up you should go several years.