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What signs bring happiness to the new house?

At last, came true! All my friends and just acquaintances congratulate me on the fact that now I have the house. Actually not the house, but the apartment, but all - still ahead. Of course not to express feeling from receiving real estate in property in words. But, apparently, that here just now life - that also begins.

After completion of repair and purchase of all necessary furniture, business needs for small - to be arranged housewarming. And before driving to the new house, I decided to learn what observance of signs will bring us happiness? Of course, someone will call all this superstition and will be right, but, nevertheless, observance of the majority of traditions brings good luck. Let will carry to all who enter a new stage of the life.

So, first of all, the apartment it is necessary to clean from negative energiya. For this purpose the branch of a dried St. John`s Wort, a candle from church or aroma with a lavender smell will approach.

You take the first detour, beginning from a door, counterclockwise, with the purpose to burn all collected negative, then clockwise, imagining as well you will live in the new house.

Then, having risen before a door, extend hands palms up and present that you put a protective board before an entrance door of the apartment. What color this board to you will - solve.

Gold, violet or lilac color will bring wealth to your house. Pink and scarlet colors promise love and the gentle relations in a family. Blue, gray will provide success in business. Yellow, orange, green - will bring health. Silver or white will help to attract to the house of good people and assistants.

The second stage is the task to make friends with the brownie. The best way for this purpose - to arrange a sumptuous feast, and simply speaking - a party with close friends and tasty entertainments. At the same time it is good that on a table there was a novoselny loaf - a symbol of wellbeing and prosperity in the house.

It is recommended to note housewarming twice - the first time for the closest people in the first days off after moving. The second time already for numerous guests when you cease to feel guests in the new house.

The good sign is also considered to take away with itself a broom from the old apartment. If at you before veins the brownie, call him with yourself.

The first can let in the house of a kitten, and it is possible also a dog. Animals feel favorable places. It is considered that the cat lays down into place with negative power and undertakes it and here to that place where the dog laid down, it is possible to put a bed, dogs feel places favorable better.

Do not forget to hang up a horseshoe on an entrance door so that the ends watched it up, thus, favorable energy in the house will collect. If to hang up a horseshoe legs down, then all good from the house will flow away. It is also possible to hang up it in the form of the letter With it will mean that in the house there lives Happiness.

Of course, it is possible not to pay attention to any signs and other mysticism, but so there is a wish to believe that all in your hands. The main thing - to belong to everything is quiet also with sense of humour. Once for me the certain apartment was unrealizable dream, and now - please, here it, washing. And everything began with what I solved for myself - dreams come true!