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Whether the doctrine without torture is possible? Advice to school students of

Day of the average school student begins words: And - and - and... I do not want in this... " school; and comes to an end with the phrase: Till output (vacation) two more (three, four, five) day (weeks, months) - necessary to emphasize.

Naturally, school - not the resort, but when it begins to seem to you penal servitude... it is worth reflecting and what can be made? The majority of problems to ourselves is created by ourselves, it is as if sad sounded. But we create time - we can and solve. So what is is necessary to make that the doctrine did not become torture?

1. Learn to be adjusted on good. That is, it is better to represent how you are engaged simple (and therefore darling) work, you write notes to the obozha sitting through a school desk than as you long on control for algebra and you are painfully picked the brains. Positive in thoughts - in general the best piece from melancholy and uncertainty in.

2. Plan the day. Oh, is not present! Planning - at all not necessarily fat daily log with the used-up pages or a leaf at a bed headboard where everything is designated constantly. Just estimate how many approximately hours it is necessary to you for hated homework how many will remain on the rest including lag in chats and forums, walks, viewing of hotly favourite MTV and Muses - TV.

3. Learn to go to bed. Most often school students complain of school from - for enormous sleep debt but nobody says what prevented them to sleep. The idea is simple as a stool - you want to sleep more, lay down earlier. Clear business when this huge mountain of lessons does not release you in Morpheus`s embraces (though here too it is possible to argue - you should not leave lessons late night, see item 2). But most often there are other reasons? Ah, South Park goes, the cool cartoon, I do not want to pass or the interesting interlocutor in ICQ - let`s chat still or the girlfriend it is necessary to call, or, or Majority important affairs it is possible to transfer the next day or in general to cancel. And it will be much easier to rise.

4. Do not perceive teachers as enemies. They are people and too - yes! And many of them - very much even quite good. And here if you take a jaundiced view to teachers in advance, wait from them for a dirty trick and at each remark look at them the blinked mistrustful eyes, they begin to react respectively. I also do not speak about fine prospect to carry out day after day in the back of the enemy which you invent to yourself.

5. Do not postpone anything on sometime, but only not now . If constantly to speak to itself: And I will write the composition tomorrow. No, the day after tomorrow. And, I have all the same a deadline - Saturday. On Friday I will write such number of work will collect sooner or later what to execute it in one day will be really unreal. And you will not execute it. Also you will receive deserved swan opposite to the surname in the magazine. And it will definitely not please you, besides will appear tail which should be tightened. If you and it put off, then by the end of a quarter risk to spend several days in a constant pursuit of teachers with shouts Well accept! I brought the report! And what still to bring to me? etc.

Well and the last, and nearly most important:

6. Have a rest! should not perceive study as an infinite terrible marathon which is interrupted only for the period of vacation. If round the clock you think only about this devil`s control to the silly woman - a matematichka and to that to similar horrors not that to study - it will not want to live! In free time do favorite things, relax and remember - the school is thought up that it was easier to acquire knowledge, but not to make the life miserable of all teenagers of the world.

Udachiv to study, and not only!