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How to the driver to escape from the pedestrian?

the Pedestrian crossing the road - the same participant of traffic, as well as the driver. However our legislation in case of accident of running-down the person almost always accuses the motorist, and the traffic police and a family of the victim will make everything to find the driver guilty anyway, even then, when responsible for incident himself wished to leave life under car wheels. Some pedestrians try to earn additionally, being substituted under blow of the car. Sounds extremely unfairly, but, as a rule, and in this case the driver is almost always found guilty.

And whether only in pressure of militia and injured put? The driver who brought down the pedestrian gets the hardest moral trauma. Quite often even, when the court could and acquit the involuntary murderer, the last admits the guilt and demands punishment, hoping that though it will relieve of hard feeling.

Therefore such situations it is necessary to take great pain to avoid. For this purpose, in - the first, you do not take the drunk wheel at all. In - the second, be polite. Do not increase speed, trying to be in time to slip on yellow light. The saved minute can cost at least two broken human life. Pass the pedestrians going on to a zebra even if there is no hint on the sign " also; crosswalk or traffic light. Be careful, having caught sight at the region of the carriageway of the elderly person, the child or the companion tipsy . The first often cross the road, without paying attention to cars. Children just do not realize until the end of danger which is constituted by cars. They can run out in passion of game on the carriageway. The third are absolutely unpredictable.

However to many pedestrians of not enough ways of crossing of the road established by the law. The person can jump out on the road directly before a nose of your car. What to do in such situation?

The stale joke recommends to press on a brake . Well, it is the main option. However it is necessary to represent the possible length of a brake way of your car. It is quite possible that the car will not manage to stop.

There is other way of avoiding of collision. He demands from the driver of bigger experience, however is more effective. It is necessary to go round the careless pedestrian. It is necessary to go round the pedestrian whenever possible behind his back even if he just costs on the carriageway. Otherwise it can manage to reach your car. It is better to apply such way when the distance which remained up to the person is, less, than a brake way of your car. It is necessary not only to round dexterously the pedestrian, but also it is not less dexterous to return . Otherwise the car will take off on a roadside or on an oncoming lane. Therefore it is better to be trained at a leisure to carry out this trick - a detour at a high speed. In such situation there can be any, even the accuratest driver.

If collision nevertheless happened, do not flee the scene at all. It not only considerably will burden punishment, but also will draw upon you just anger of the victim and (at worst or ) his relatives. And you should not forget about human feelings of representatives of the law - hardly they will be on your party now. It is not necessary to underestimate value of conscience: she, alas, exists, and is inclined to wake up at the most inappropriate moment. But even if you are guided by the principle innocent until proven guilty you remember that not only testimonies of witnesses can act as investigative information.

It is necessary to stop and examine the victim. Then call an ambulance and militia. Before arrival of services give the person first aid. All this considerably will improve your matters. Do not remove the car from the scene at all. However if to cause " ambulance; it is impossible, independently bring the victim to medical institution.

If the pedestrian who is responsible for incident did not suffer, and the car, nerves or even physical health of the driver suffered, detain him if tries to disappear. The law provided its responsibility for deeds.

Try to write down surnames of witnesses of incident and their contact information. Even if their indications will speak not in your advantage, the help to a consequence is regarded as the circumstance facilitating fault. If you do not take these measures, the traffic police will find witnesses independently. If those are not, circumstances of incident, most likely, will be treated against you. Do not forget about secretly recognized guilt presumptions driver!

Do not remain indifferent when the staff of traffic police fills in the protocol and makes the scheme of the road accident. Here matter not only the facts specified by you, but also how you carry on conversation. Therefore you do not wriggle, you speak directly, describing a situation. Remember that one of the major factors influencing your future is your relation to an event.

Do not admit the guilt at all. Despite everything, the scheme " still works in many regions of the Russian Federation; recognition - mother of proofs . How the law enforcement officer dinned that frank recognition will facilitate fault, and the court anyway finds you guilty, not be conducted on arrangements. Even if you are really guilty of an event, the court will consider a set of nuances which quite often speak well for the driver. If you sign all papers, these moments of nobody any more at once will interest.

Also do not forget about insurance company! Autocitizen - it is not just new way of withdrawal of money at the population. Insurance company has to indemnify loss to both the injured pedestrian, and the motorist in whom you from - for it drove. Of course, everything depends on the conditions stated by a small print in the contract. Therefore, in order that autocitizen was not for you just peculiar tax, carefully choose insurance company and attentively study the contract.