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When Spaniards eat dragons?

Tame the dragons - we say, Spaniards prefer to eat them. At them even day in a calendar is for this purpose allotted special.

Spaniards in general surprisingly vigorous and cheerful people. I did not celebrate such mad quantity of mad holidays anywhere. Spaniards with big pleasure throw each other tomatoes, run from bulls and burn huge dolls. And on April 23 they also battle against dragons.

On April 23 Spain marks out San - Jordi (Day Saint George), - effective analog of St. Valentine`s Day. He is marked out in Catalonia annually since 1436. Saint Georgy is a patron of Catalonia. This day Barcelona is literally covered with bouquets of red roses. By tradition of the young man give to the girls red roses, and girls give to young men of the book. The holiday is connected with a legend of how Saint George killed a dragon and presented to the princess the red rose which grew from a drop of drakony blood.

In the same day settles Fight with a dragon . On the square in front of a cathedral of Barcelona the whole day peacefully sits a flock of dragons, allowing walking to be photographed with itself in an embrace, and to children to pull itself tails and teeth. Crowds of gapers are keen on dragons at this time. And at midnight they begin to be slipped in a gloom to the center of the area, restricting the audience. Then they begin to hiss, sniff a smoke and fire, showering with the audience with the burning splashes... Then Saint George will win against them, and as a sign of defeat will grow up from mouths of dragons on a bouquet of roses. According to a legend, he will present these roses to the princess.

By the way, Spaniards not only battle against dragons this day, they also eat them. More precisely, not dragons (them, probably, troublesome to prepare), and cakes with the image of dragons who steadily are on sale this day in all corners of Barcelona. On cakes also blossom red roses, and they are decorated with the inscription San - Jordi (St. Jordi).

Residents of Barcelona yours faithfully treat dragons.

Park Guell is located on a slope of the mountain and represents series of the tiers leaving up and connected among themselves by ladders. Idea garden city with 60 - yu private mansions belonged to the count Euzebi Guel at the request of whom created the project of this park of Antoni Gaudi. The initiative suffered financial crash, and in Park Guell only two original lodges the architect lodged in one of which (in it there is his museum now) were constructed. A symbol of park is the mosaic drakonchik lying at an entrance, and near this park there are several shops in which souvenirs in the form of this drakonchik are on sale in the most various variations.

In Barcelona to you the fountain will also meet Saint George and a dragon, the well-known roller coaster Khan`s Dragon with eight loops the fountain with a dragon.

Yes, Spaniards can only envy. Boundless creativity accompanies them in all holidays, beginning from ideas and suits in which Spaniards it is proud pace on processions, and finishing with a culinary delicacy (it and cakes with dragons, both well-known Mona, and not less surprising dishes with little small fishes).

Let and us accompanies a variety and unexpectedly beautiful inspiration on weekdays and holidays!