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What were the first laptops? The other day I at one acquaintance saw

on a wall of the photo old as I thought, typewriters. But is not present: it were the first laptops. The first impression which they make on you is a box for tools or a huge box for any rubbish. Approximately the first laptop was it also. Though, about everything one after another.

I will begin with definition. The laptop is the type of the portable computer having rather small weight (to those, the first does not belong) to carry it with itself as often as possible, and cut down, in comparison with desktop computers, opportunities, - the truth, for big money.

History of the laptop is small and therefore to write about it quite difficult, but nevertheless. In 1981 Adam Osborn appeared in the market in time and created the first laptop which was called as Osborne 1, by name the creator.

However I think, you should not begin history since 1981 as in 1974, that is, for 7 years earlier, to all of us the well-known company of IBM tried to create the portable computer, but: this company decided to make everything independently, without the aid of Intel which already in a couple of years will occupy the microprocessor field.

When developing such conditions were laid down: the weight of the portable computer (then did not know such word as the laptop yet) should not have exceeded 20 kg and costs in 10 thousand dollars. Coped with the first task successfully, and here with the second bent. Cost appeared 14275 dollars.

I will not speak about fittings of the first laptop (Osborne 1), but I will mention only that on it it was possible to write down even 91 KB of information. Now it is about one document written to Microsoft Word on pages three or four.

As I already spoke, processors Intel for few years very widely extended, and, however, it it is still difficult to call the following laptop so, there was Amstrad PPC6400D. After reading of such name the inscription on calculators which we used at school is remembered at once.

This laptop according to the characteristics already considerably differed from predecessors. At least because in it is mute it was possible to store 720 KB information. You represent - the whole book in a format. doc.

Moving further on stories of portable computers, once you mention, and to them to sum up pass - the story about the first laptops, EPSON Equity LT 286. The name looks like calculator again, but nevertheless, this car it was already possible by the right to count as the laptop. Because it did not look as an army box and did not weigh as a cobble-stone at the grandmother in a kitchen garden.

This laptop already had a hard drive, and real. And its size was 20 - 40 MB. That is, the buyer could already choose fittings of the future portable computer. And the most pleasant - not small 5 - 7 - the inch display, and 10 - inch. Nevertheless it is more pleasant to look.

Later, already in 90 - x years, began to appear laptops of different classes, and their weight was lost to 5 kg, and with each new model new and new functions began to increase all. Now you will surprise nobody with ultrathin or heavy-duty laptops. As they say not to keep up with novelties, and here history should be remembered.