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What to do if you were bitten by a snake?

Here also there came the long-awaited summer season. Summer residents hurry to warm the houses, to put personal plots in order, to fry shish kebabs in the fresh air and to enjoy life.

In a shower of the nature silence, and the sky at night it that there is a wish to look at it, without ceasing, all night long: stars bright on a dense black background, and the moon - as the silver sun - objects become illusive and in scattered this world cast mysterious shadows - approximately such words one my friend describes life in the village.

I, in turn, do not love either the dacha, or the village, or notorious silence. However, all - it is necessary to happen periodically there. It is seldom possible to remain sitting within six hundred parts, and, whatever one may do, and pulls in the wood.

Perfectly, of course, if you long time go to the same wood on the footpaths experienced by you, but often, gathering mushrooms - berries, it is possible to come into such solitude that meetings with a wolf or a bear not to avoid. Fortunately, in our woods close to seasonal dachas, they meet seldom, but here the snake can be met. Therefore at visit of the wood it is necessary to observe precautionary measures.

First of all it is necessary to go to the wood in the clothes closing all parts of a body on legs it is recommended to put on gumboots. It is necessary to be attentive, to look under legs and not to catch for what got, to stir a grass and leaves a stick, the snake will disappear, in time having felt your approach.

If all of you met a snake on the way, stop, do not get closer to her and, the main thing, be not afraid. The snake will never attack the first, but any careless movement for her - the menacing sign. If the snake feels threat, write was gone, the snake will let out the poison instantly.

And if to you all - was not succeeded to avoid a sting of a snake, then you should not hesitate. It is necessary to give at first first aid, and then at the first opportunity to see a doctor who will make an injection of antidotal serum.

Consider, it is impossible to clamp the place of a sting a hand. The matter is that poison of a dragon can leave on clothes or on skin, in this case it is not dangerous. Danger is constituted only by the poison which got to blood and clamping a wound, you can add it there. Make the bitten room and attentively look, the sting of a venomous snake looks as one or two points on skin.

First of all it is necessary to exhaust poison from a wound. It can be done only provided that at you or at your friend who will give help, healthy teeth, is not present wounds in a mouth. At the same time it is necessary to spit out often, and consider, language can grow dumb a little.

Some advise not to risk, and urgently to make an incision a wound on sting points to lower blood with poison, but if not to make it very quickly, then will be useless.

Then it is necessary to process a wound iodine, alcohol, brilliant green and if is not present - to put the kneaded plantain leaves and to tie up a wound that dirt did not get to it. The victim has to be in rest and, it is desirable, in a cool. It is possible to give it waters, but not alcohol.

The sting of venomous snakes causes severe and long pain and hypostasis, bruises on places of a sting. Victims complain of waist pains, the complicated breath and heartbeat. In hard cases - violation of consciousness, vomiting, decline of warm and respiratory activity. Poison can quickly spread to a considerable surface of a body, at the same time falling of arterial pressure, excitement, spasms, dot hemorrhages is observed. Many of these symptoms can just appear for fear therefore do not panic, and see a doctor.

If such trouble comprehended you on a site near the house, then before going to the doctor, it is necessary (having carried out the manipulations stated above) to wash out a wound of 3% potassium permanganate solution, to the place of a sting to put ice (or something cold), and then to apply a bandage.

Be attentive and careful, have a rest outdoors, observing security measures, and then you will spend time wonderfully well and without harm for health.