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How to make a trip from Moscow to Smolensk? What to look at?

In a silver board on a black gun with a gold gun carriage - a gold bird Gamayun with the wings and a tail decorated to a chervlenye (red color) and " greens;.

to visit there, we choose some travel agency specializing in the cities of Russia, we look for the name of the city interesting us among offers and we get a putevochka.

Most likely, you will be carried by bus therefore prepare for six-hour travel from Moscow, perhaps even not by the newest bus. In way will offer you soluble tea - coffee in plastic glasses. However in the bus it is not necessary to count on a toilet - they are closed, and one is on the way made biological a stop therefore it is better not to drink much.

Route quite good, rather equal.

On the way, maybe, will show the movie, but you should not hope for a long break in the guide`s monologue (though here as will carry) - too many any sights come across. They not that on the route, can be also in a distance, but the good talker will tell everything about the nearby woods.

To the city you will arrive just by a lunch. You will be placed in " hotel; Russia - the biggest and decent, but in the Soviet spirit so do not count on luxury. Will feed quite well and will drive on excursion.

Here, which - that from this what it is worth paying attention to.

As this city carried a rank of a defensive outpost, the fortification attracts attention at once. Watchtowers are scattered on all downtown. Then, the strongholds of military glory meeting Poles, Lithuanians, French and, at last, Germans tower there. It is a memorial of all wars, practically a symbol of all city. The basis has both an eternal flame, and graves of heroes of Smolensk, and ashes of the hero of Egorov who set up a victory banner in Berlin there.

If to you suggest to walk on top, then there will be it at Saint Avraamiya`s gate. Guides will pay attention to defensive ditches, and will show the way to a tower the Eagle. If there is a courage, then abrupt ladders and defective steps will bring you on its top from where the majestic panorama of the city will open. Of course, careful tourists, and maybe local, already decorated everything " there; petroglyphic inscriptions of discourteous savages.

In the city there are fine churches, architectural and cultural masterpieces of the Russian architecture as well as the Russian people, blows of aggressors assumed. Saint Avraamiya`s monastery still stores in itself a trace of firing by the French guns: the kernel got stuck in a wall.

Surely you will be seen off to a monument of war of 1812. Pay attention: there are two real French guns, with only that difference that caliber at them different. Was identical earlier until once the gun was stolen with desire to melt. Once was returned, and the second time it left from the ends.

Under the Cathedral hill, one of numerous hills Pridneprovya, the valley of private lodges, shabby and deprived of a civilization was stretched: there is no water supply system, gas, electricity. And on an eminence above them there is governor`s giving

- Mother - the earth my native, to

All Smolensk relatives, You forgive to

for what - I do not know, Only you forgive to


was So written by Tvardovsky in the poem Vasily Tyorkin .

Also it is necessary only to wish a kind way and pleasant fellow travelers on your travel.