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of Nadj call me late at night, and by the choking voice begins to tell I cannot More and more, I was tired to be reconciled with misunderstanding, I will be better to live alone, than so with them - she categorically declares. Perhaps you will solve it tomorrow? - appealing to her mind, I answer. Nevertheless once and I took this step. Also began to live alone.

What means to live one? What it can lead to? What to be independent?

This history began at the end of the 11th class. When all looked for themselves around and solved to what to devote the life, I knew well that I will be an engineer and I will go to study to other city. The main motivation of my act was the fact that I as soon as possible wanted to try to live one, without indication of when and as I should wash the dishes in how many to return from walk, and messages that Vova not suitable couple for me.

Having graduated from school, I successfully passed examinations and left for point of the desire for independence test passing. Various difficulties from the first days of mine independently of life fell down on my brittle shoulders just from a horn of plenty. Nails and hammers - and those were not on my party.

Having got few times on a finger the hammer to beat an ill-fated nail on which my tiny shelf for books had to fasten I remembered parents who, undoubtedly, in this question would come to the rescue of me. So far I indulged in dreams how easily and just the father would hang up the shelf, the finger terribly ached, being inflated from indignation that do not pay it due attention. Consoling and encouraging itself words that nobody died of it though perhaps just someone suppresses these facts from society in general and from me in particular, blowing on the swelled-up finger, decided to postpone driving in nailing in a wall for later term.

In an hour after incident with the shelf in me the feeling of hunger woke up and forced me to gather and go to shop as my refrigerator was empty as the student`s brain in the morning before examination immediately. The limit of my money was limited, from - for what I decided to buy only the most necessary. Having got home and having sated the transitory body, was going to clean the dwelling from stuff and garbage as the apartment in which I was represented to live was removable and the garbage left by owners made the life miserable.

The garbage in it appeared enough, despite its modest sizes, from - for what actually cleaning also dragged on for three hours. Having collected all garbage which - as dragged it to a refuse chute. Having cleaned up, I decided to accept a bathroom to relax and take off fatigue from the exhausted body. The bathroom was for me a sedative and, having dressed a favourite pizhamka, went to Morpheus`s kingdom.

When I returned to the dwelling from study in the evening, to me became lonely - I so wanted to share how there passed my day, to tell about the boy in a plaid shirt who with such gallantry opened a door, passing me forward, about his snow-white smile. But there was nobody to listen to me. Then to me began to realize madly bitterly that mother for hundreds of kilometers from here also will not be able to listen to me, to give a valuable advice; now I have to cope with all difficulties - I have to live independently.

Therefore before making so important act in the life, stop, recover the breath, think - whether really you want it.