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Boredom. As to fight against it and how to become not dull person?

Are boring As often we repeat this word at work, at home, after work and during week-end, getting stuck in a traffic jam. To speak in any case, many manage to miss in a circle of friends, at a party, and even alone with darling! At the same time most often we think that personally we - that are not boring, and here an environment and circumstances and create that environment in which the boredom settles.

Long time I thought and what is boredom Then reached me. The boredom is only lack of fun. And what is created by fun? Game!

Oh, pancake! Here where the dog rummaged. There is no boredom where there is a game or something, on game similar. Draws, focuses, entertaining stories, creativity, favourite business which is carried out effortlessly, or something difficult and unusual, but chosen as you, but not the boss or external circumstances . Simply, many adults forgot that they once were children!

And what is game from the point of view of adults? Game is any aberration. At any office, in any country of the world it is possible to hear the phrase We here not play games . It is said pompously and inflatedness as though game cannot be serious business. And exactly playing by the rules, you operate the life. You, but not someone another. Sorry, incurred not in that party.

Means that it was never boring for you, it is necessary to carry out several simple councils (as far as possible).

1. To violate rules. At first quietly and gradually. Especially standard rules of decency and unwritten corporate norms. They are unwritten! Always it is possible to make the silly person and to tell Oh, and I also did not know (did not know)! . And to continue to bend the line. Do not worry if you valuable (and it is even better irreplaceable) the employee, all quickly get used to it.

2. To turn any boring business into game. For a start to find in it something interesting. If is not, to think up! Play at work the scientist or the intelligence agent. Then it will become a habit.

3. Continuation of previous. Try to do the boring, learned, standard actions unconventionally. Not as always. For example, simply pokhodiv on own apartment a back forward, blindly, you receive an enthusiasm charge for a long time!

4. Any boring party can be recovered, it is loud (so that all heard) having reported some sensational fact or unusual, just tremendous news. In our century of the Internet to dig out a heap of sensations for all occasions - as easy as shelling pears! Only it is necessary to do it to a campaign on a party!

5. Communicate with children more often. The age - the better is less. If there are no - communicate or watch strangers. Practically it is never boring for children if they are provided to themselves. The secret of it is simple - when it it becomes uninteresting, they just switch to something new and interesting. And if at the weekend to go for a walk with the kid and you will never forget to do that he orders this day! Only put on worse

6. Find that with whom it is possible to have a heart-to-heart talk . It can be any person who is interesting to you and who sympathizes with you. Just call, talk, ask council. Usually psychological lift from communication with such person kills boredom for a long time.

7. Be resolute! Act more safely. Having faced difficult business, an unsoluble problem, begin to act as soon as possible. Having conceived something and having outlined the approximate action plan - begin! Nothing so effectively kills boredom as need to work in the unknown so far the direction.

And here, finally, councils How to become cheerful and not dull told in the book Be the first! . The author is Dag Hall, independent marketing - the consultant of such firms with a world name as The Cook - " Coca; Nike Prokter and Gembl and ten more others not less known.

1. Remain free and relaxed always. Under any circumstances.

2. Cultivate, grow up in yourself cheerful mood.

3. You sleep much and have a rest, work less. (This point especially is pleasant to me!) .

4. Distribute money. Don`t be afraid. They will return to you. And to you it will be very entertaining to observe those who surround you at this time.

5. Laugh much. If there is opportunity, loudly laugh loudly as children.

6. Celebrate each nice day.

7. Live imagination, but not logic.

8. Think out unusual stories and tell them with the most serious look.

9. Play, you awake the child sleeping in you more often.

10. Fall in love. If it is impossible, just write love letters.

The main thing - be free! The free person just has no time to miss, it is too much interesting ahead!