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How to find work, choosing the employer?

Will be a question of job search by means of the Internet. But not absolutely traditional by method which viewing of the websites on which free vacancies and the summary are exposed is considered (though to glance on them and, perhaps, will even be to place the summary not so superfluous).

My method is very simple on labor costs and gives the chance of job search in that direction on which you count, and even choice employer.

The matter is that not all your potential employers advertize in free vacancies on the Internet or newspapers and if give - that not only you will see this announcement and will apply for this workplace. It means that chances decrease. Exit option from such situation - the direct appeal to a management / human resources department of the firm interesting you. Of course, I do not say that it is worth visiting everyone personally at once. It is enough to write the letter of appeal. But it is necessary to show consideration for its drawing up very much, otherwise there is a risk that it will not be read just and it is unknown whether you will have an opportunity to improve very often the first impression plays a crucial role.

In - the first, track that the letter was made most competently. So you gain future employer at once - it will become the first proof of your education.

You should not build the letter on the concept of writing of the summary. It is sure that, having seen someone`s summary in a mailbox, on that side of the monitor will just think that you were mistaken the address and chances of its reading by the necessary people will become less. So it is worth beginning with the standard address on the " type; Hello Good afternoon and so on.

Then it is necessary to be presented. But do not begin at once the story about the feats and achievements on the previous workplaces at all. You besides just surprise with it the one who will read your address. Tell about the purpose of the letter and on why you resorted to such way of search (here everything depends on your plans and the imagination). Well, for example, if you only graduated from higher education institution, then write that you in connection with the termination of a higher educational institution look for work in the specialty at the profile enterprise and so on and so forth. Now it is clear why I spoke about the imagination?

And now it is possible also about to, good . Only, besides, not by the principle of the summary when all passable stages of your life in the form of educational institutions and all - all workplaces are described. In this case it is necessary to remember only what can be useful for work at this enterprise. If in the field interesting you there is not a lot of achievements, remember everything available for you and character merits, necessary for such work, it can be very even not superfluous. Only be extremely objective, you all the same should meet this employer, and he will see what from written was the truth and that - no.

Describe the achievements in the area chosen by you, list functions which carried out at similar work (it can very much help the employer to be defined, you will approach or not, as experience - a loose concept). And only then - a contact information. For bigger efficiency it is good to specify contact phones of those people (heads) who can make to you recommendations (naturally, good).

Well, and end, as well as the beginning, standard for business letters. Something it seems Yours faithfully, .

The last stage - purely technical. On the Internet - catalogs find e-mail addresses of the enterprises interesting you, distribute these letters and expect the answer. I in a week received five very interesting offers of work. I think, and you will not be avoided. Only you remember that for this purpose all - is desirable to have some experience and a good education. Just like that, unfortunately, for work nobody also takes anybody.

So dare and let at you everything turns out!