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How it is correct to love hedgehogs?

Animated film The Hedgehog in fog leaves rare children without any trace in soul. The little, going on fog animal with a small knot, personally always caused pity in me, and the melancholic horses and unbalanced eagle owls gadding in twilight space - silent horror. A hedgehog there was a wish to encourage, protect and explain to him what to go till night without mother - a sheer madness.

Therefore when the grandfather brought to me from fishing of a little hedgehog, my pleasure was not a limit. Now - that, - it was thought to me, - I will give nobody in offense this defenseless thoughtful being! Still! All familiar children had doggies and kitties, and I have a hedgehog!

Problems began at once.

Became clear that the hedgehog very painfully is pricked . Is not present, however, painfully. Prickles at it very sharp and to stroke it as, for example, a guinea pig - it is impossible. As well as to pick up from a floor as puppy It is extremely inconvenient to take it in hand in tarpaulin mittens. And to observe in expanded form, it is possible, having only sprinkled a little on it a flower spray. Then it is for a while developed and discontentedly puffs.

The hedgehog should name, and to define who is he - the boy or the girl - was not represented possible. Having densely twisted in Kolobok, the zhivotinka reliably hid everything that could clear this question. Stopped on neutral Yozha.

Evening Yozha sat in a box, and for the night was decided to let out it in a corridor. Because as it appeared, at night the hedgehog - does not sleep . Moreover, at night the hedgehog is active and vigorous. At night it is full of strength also thirsts for adventures. And the animation hedgehog on a campaign on fog was pushed at all not by(with) the invitation of a bad bear, but the most naturalistic way of life.

All anything. But, alas! - a hedgehog not a cat who is interested in moving most silently. In the most impudent way the hedgehog notifies environment on what goes to have a good time, namely - sniffs, sneezes, snuffles and coughs. And throughout all the walk.

In completion of a picture it became clear that Yozha, to all the undoubted advantages, eshchyo clinks . And anything there is no general with footfall in this sound. It is clatter. Loud, sound and frequent. If put on a little elephant in climbing boots with iron cats on soles - perhaps, the sound would be most

Thus, all night long members of household listened to ezhiny marches instead of sleeping. It should be noted that when Yozha for a while calmed down, became even not more cozy because there was a painful wish to run out in a corridor and to learn that it stunning found it. The oppressing silence was nearly more terrible than rhythmical clatter .

And in the morning one more detail became clear. As well as all normal, densely eaten animals - the hedgehog craps . Niskolechko without being confused. On linoleum. And definitely not as the popugaychik which incidentally took off from a cage. Not - et Hedgehogs it do by such plasticine nashlyopka which so you will not wipe soon

Looking since morning at my sleepy fiziya, the grandfather not really surely suggested me to carry Yozhu back. There, where it has friends where it, perhaps, mother where the rustle of a grass muffles its movements lost and where each bush of Yozhu to spend the night (to popoludnevat?) will let .

As it grieved me to leave it, in own way, exotic, the pet - but the night spent with him was very indicative. A conclusion was short, but capacious: the hedgehog shrouded in meadow fog, and a hedgehog under a sofa are two absolutely different hedgehogs.

I prompts something to me that the first option both for a hedgehog, and - is more preferable to the inhabitant of the city apartment