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How to pay work far off?

In this article, without stopping on economic and legal aspects, we will tell about payment methods which with this or that success can be used for payment of distant work.

Cash calculation

the easiest way. The customer meets the performer and gives him cash at a rate of in advance determined sum. From the performer only ability to consider to be convinced of compliance of this sum of about what agreed is required.

Restriction - such type of calculations is possible only if the customer and the performer appear at the same time in one place.

Bank transfer

One of the most convenient ways. The performer tells the customer the bank details where enter:

- the Name of bank in which at the performer the current account

- BIC of

bank - the Korrespodentsky bank account

- the Account of the performer in

bank - F. I. O is opened. the performer

- In certain cases INN

two scenarios are possible Further:

1. The customer comes to any bank, fills in the payment order, grants an amount of transfer cash on cash desk and receives one copy of the payment order with a mark of bank about carrying out payment.

2. If the customer has a bank account and on it enough means for work payment, he can address to bank personally or by means of the Bank system - the client, then to do all actions 1 - go the scenario. In this case the amount of transfer is charged off an account of the customer.

In both cases the bank charges the fee for the translation - cash or way of write-off from the account of the customer. At different banks this commission fluctuates from 0% to 3%.

the Way is suitable both for calculations in the state, and for international.

A money transfer without opening of the account

One of the fastest ways to translate cash. Time of processing of the translation in different systems makes of several minutes till 24 o`clock.

the Performer has to tell the customer the passport data (F. I. O., number of the passport when also by whom it is given out) and, in certain cases - the settlement in which he wants to get transfer.

the Customer goes to the next service station on the chosen system of the translations, specifies necessary information, pays to cash desk an amount of transfer in cash and receives the receipt.

In the receipt is specified the control number of the translation (CNT) which the customer has to tell the performer.

For receiving the translation the performer comes to the next service station, shows the passport, reports an amount of transfer, KNP and F. I. O. of the sender. The structure of data depends on system of money transfers.

the Amount of transfer is paid to the performer by cash.

All systems of money transfers take the commission. The majority of systems are international, with their help the recipient can transfer quickly funds in other state.

are presented To the Russian Federation the following systems of money transfers: Western Union, Money Transfer, Privat Money, Contact, Anelik, Unistream, Leader, Cash and others.

Restriction - before sending it is necessary to be convinced that service stations are also in the city of the customer, and in the city of the performer.

A postal order This way was especially widely used by

before emergence of electronic calculations.

to send a postal order, the customer comes to any post office, fills in the form of a postal order where specifies the address and F. I. O. of the recipient and the sender, and also an amount of transfer. Then pays the sum cash and receives the receipt.

the Performer, having received the notice on the translation, comes to mail, shows the passport together with the notice, and encashes the sum.

Restriction - postal orders are available only to calculations in the Russian Federation.

The translation on electronic payment service provider to

Such operations are similar to bank transfers. As well as when using a bank transfer, the performer has to have the account in electronic payment service provider called purse .

the Customer, having used the purse if it has it, or having addressed to the third-party organization which carries out reception of funds for e-wallets, transfers an amount of transfer to the performer. the system takes

the commission For operation. The third-party organizations also take the commission for reception of means in favor of the participant of electronic payment service provider.

the Majority of electronic payment service providers are international. In the Russian Federation the following is most widespread: WebMoney, Yandex. Money, RUPay, e - Gold, the Internet. Money, PayCash, EasyPay, PayPal and others.

On degree of security of confidential information on the first place there is a calculation at personal meeting (the customer will see only your person), on the second - calculations by means of electronic payment service providers (number of your purse will become known), further - some systems of money transfers, and the most unsafe are postal and bank transfers. However, if in the latter case responsibility for safety of your means is born directly by bank, then in case of personal meeting the robbery will be possible to make someone responsible for blow a heavy subject of the head and not soon.