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Who such referral?

All who once contacted an earnings subject on the Internet, know what to earn most it is possible, but it is better when some more people - referrals work for your purse.

So, referral - the person who works on the Internet and percent from its income arrives to the owner in turn the owner can be someone`s referral too. All referrals divide on the   levels; - they are 1 - go, 2 - go, 3 - go etc. level there is, so much, how many the system supports. For each project referrals are gathered separately. The income from activity of a referral depends on activity and operating time.

How to force someone for to work just like that for itself? Practically it turns out what is possible. The technology of attraction of referrals is simple and contains several options:

1. Invitation - when promise you some sum of money for your participation (registration) in the project, necessary for the owner.

2. Click-through - to you just suggest to pass and be registered, at the same time you will be a referral. It is not specified in the text anywhere that you will become a referral, but according to contents of the reference it can be assumed.

3. Deception - you cannot check contents of the reference and do not guess that it is a refssylka, i.e. the reference which reports to the website about that, from whom the user -   came; helps to assign this visitor to the owner.

can Distinguish a refssylka, and in most cases placement of such reference is perceived as a bad form (for example at forums).

Whether the referral   is; slave? I think, no, part of the income - these are yet not all earnings and if there is no income, then the referral and does not work. Often a referral and the owner earn kopeks, and than it is more than referrals at the owner, that a high probability that of kopeks there will be future state. to Learn

about whether you are a referral, it is almost impossible, only in some websites there is an opportunity for owners to contact a referral and if contact you, then you precisely learn the truth. The owner of a referral can change by means of resale on to the exchange of referrals . Change of the owner, most likely, will take place imperceptibly for the referral, but the new owner always risks, buying because nobody will give guarantees that the worker will be not lazy or even dead - ceased to work for the owner. Purchase of a referral - the Russian roulette, here too is the strategy but they not always work.

Second situation with attraction of referrals - partner programs for sale or cliques. There is each user, having followed the link and having bought something or having just clicked a banner, brings in the income in a type of assignments from sale or the fixed remuneration for click. This system allows shops to attract without special expenses buyers on the websites, and to owners of advertizing platforms to pay back the charges of the website.

In both cases the owner or itself registers the referrals, to either webmasters or other users is issued the reference, placing which, they attract future partners on earnings. Such references usually meet on the websites devoted to earnings or the banners and references suggesting to you to buy something or to pass to other resource. It is necessary to follow such links for the reason that most of webmasters place references for clicks and sale to pay for the space for the website (there will be no money - there will be no your favourite resources).

And still, you should not worry, if you ever become a referral - it is not so bad, quite so you learn about new resources and thank partners in earnings for their advertizing, work.