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Who such Ipati?

End of a gold era of antiquity.

Alexandria - the most beautiful city put by Alexander of Macedon, Mecca of scientists and priests.

In this city was born the girl sixteen centuries ago. Her life was so bright and unusual even for our time that it is more similar to a legend.

during lifetime of it was compared to three goddesses at once. Athena on mind, Hera on a bearing and Aphrodite on beauty.

Is unconditional, she was the brightest woman - the scientist of a classical antiquity. Called

her Ipati Aleksandriyskaya.

Mother Ipati died while giving birth. The father who brought up it was the famous mathematician and the astronomer. The childhood of the girl passed in Museyon`s walls - scientific center, the temple of sciences and art of Alexandria.

Ipati found surprising abilities to geometry and astronomy. It enriched these sciences with such concepts as a hyperbole, a parabola, an ellipse . In addition to it, it had a talent for mechanics, it could do sophisticated devices for astronomical measurements.

For Ipati`s seamen invented an astrolabe which used by the ships even till the 17th century.

used its inventions Copernicus, when calculating time of rising and calling of stars.

A when we want to verify a horizontal surface, we use the vesiculate level which is thought up by Ipatiy .

But the real passion of the talented girl there was a philosophy. Her knowledge was so extensive and deep that to it, sixteen-year-old, it was allowed to open the school!

to study at this school, came from every corner of the world.

her house became fashionable salon for intellectuals.

Of course, at such talents, it had envious persons. Especially among women.

But it was not the most terrible test in life of the young scientist.

In fight against paganism religious fanatics did not spare anybody and anything.

In 391 furious crowd under the leadership of the bishop Alexandria Theophilus nicknamed in the people Christian Pharaoh rushed into Museyon.

Barbarians of all times and the people first of all destroyed sources of knowledge.

Died not only the most valuable documents and books, the groom Ipati and her adherents died. Survived left Alexandria. Ipati`s

on unknown to us to the reasons remained the survived father with miracle.

To the bishop Theophilus who ruined the Alexandria library and took away to himself its values it was a little.

Was adopted the law ordering to all mathematicians who were ranked as astrologers to renounce ungodly views and to confess. to Ipati it did not concern

, possibly, only for one reason - flattered the bishop that the Alexandria philosophical school was considered as the best in the world.

However, it is difficult to assume, than was guided vain pastor .

Long so could not proceed.

The worthy successor of Theophilus - his nephew Kirill - even more ambitious, than the uncle, could not suffer the similar competition. At Ipati, but not at him, the spiritual lord, statesmen and mere mortals looked for truth.

In May, 415, in day of the Lent, the furious crowd killed to death at steps of church the defenseless woman.

throughout the millennia of the mathematician did not know Since then female names. However, if to consider that the mathematics was not divided with philosophy, astronomy and astrology in those days, then there are no similar women - scientists and now.

Whether the destiny is irony whether history is paradox that that Christian religion which destroyed to Ipati made it then the Saint. However, under a name of Ekaterina.

to it, Ekaterina, are attributed knowledge of different fields of knowledge which possessed Ipati, and she is considered the patroness of education and scientists.

But! In 1969 the Saint great martyr Ekaterina was excluded from a Catholic church calendar in view of ambiguities of historical circumstances of its life .

Here, really, mysterious are the ways of the Lord!

Now it is difficult to separate fiction from the truth. Anyway, we precisely know that Ipati life because it was always faithful to itself lived short, but bright and worthy memories and honoring and remained the Person.