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Let`s regale on a fresh kartoshechka from a bed?

Who does not love fragrant and tasty new potato, with masliyets and greens? And if to crown it all it is grown up by the hands, at own dacha or a native kitchen garden, then its taste becomes still nepovtorimy. From our pride for fruitful labor feats potatoes become more sweet. Thanks to absolute confidence that it grew in safe conditions, it seems more usefully. And, at last, undoubtedly, the potatoes sytny and more appetizingly, than what is brought it is unknown from where waits for lazy buyers on counters

As how it is necessary to do early to grow up potato on own site and not to buy expensive in the market?

In - the first if you wish to reap a crop as soon as possible, for this purpose needs to take care of preliminary preparation early ripe grades of potatoes. Such, for example, as Good luck, the Nevsky, Zhukovsky, presented by domestic selection, or the Impala, Santa - Dutch etc. To receive young potato at the end of May - the beginning of June, now it is a high time to get the prepared seed tubers and to begin to prepare them for landing through seedling.

1. Disinfecting.

the Quite good result is yielded by preliminary soaking of tubers approximately for half an hour in special solution (on 10 l of water - 60 g of superphosphate, 40 g of urea, 10 g of boric acid and 5 g of potassium permanganate). All components, except potassium permanganate at first we dissolve in hot water, and then we immerse tubers in the cooled-down solution. After that we dry them in the warm and light place. It is in addition possible to powder tubers the sifted wood ashes which handful later will not prevent to fill in each hole when landing.

2. Prorashchivaniye.

In the first 10 days potatoes have to be in the room in which temperature makes about 20 degrees as at this stage occurs awakening eyes. Then temperature can be reduced to 10 - 14 degrees of heat. At the same time do not forget that light plays not the last role. Exactly thanks to enough light protective reaction of tubers increases.

3. Substratum. it we prepare

from sawdust and peat (it is possible directly from the garden earth). We moisten this mix with crimson solution of potassium permanganate and 50 g of a nitrofoska. Then we display the received substratum on boxes. And at the end of April - the beginning of May we place in them the couched tubers which need to be powdered with the soil and is moderated to water with warm water. We put boxes to the warm and light place and we cover them with a film which needs to be removed after emergence of shoots.

4. Disembarkation in soil. At the beginning - the middle of May the seedling of potatoes is ready

to disembarkation. The most important - to try to save it from possible frosts. For this purpose over beds it is possible to establish a framework from the wooden laths or a wire covered with a film.

5. Top dressing.

After warm weather is established, it is a high time to feed up landings nitric (10 g) or potash (15 - 20 g on 10 l of water / 1 sq.m) fertilizers. And wood ashes still for this purpose will fit (1 glass on 1 sq.m).

6. Protection and leaving. needs to be watered with

During this time moderately potatoes and to loosen the soil. When height reaches 20 - 25 centimeters, and also before a smykaniye of a tops of vegetable, it needs to be hilled.

Besides, throughout all season for stability increase potatoes needs to be sprayed the following preparations:

- solution of a bishonav (0,2 l on 10 l of water) in 15 - 20 days or

- Agate - 25K(25 of g on 10 l of water) at a smykaniye of a tops of vegetable and then each 10 - 12 days.

the Expense of these preparations makes 4 l on 100 sq.m

For fight against the Colorado beetle carry out spraying by bacterial preparations:

- bitoksibatsilliny (8 - 20 tablets / 1 l of water);

- Bikol (70 - 160 g on 10 l of water);

is FAS (5 g / 10 l);

- Fury (1, 5 m / 10 l);

Processing needs to be carried out in 6 - 8 days at mass emergence of larvae at the rate of 1 liter on 10 sq.m

For fight against a medvedka and ants to the soil bring the preparation Thunder (30 g / 10 sq.m) on depth of 3 - 5 cm during vegetation.

National council: to prevent appearance of harmful insects on a site with potatoes, it is possible to put 1 - 2 bush of elder which will help to frighten off wreckers, and also to attract useful insects.

Successful to you works on your personal plots, a rich and early harvest! And, certainly, tasty potatoes!