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How psychologically to overcome infertility?

a number of councils for women (and men too), persons interested to conceive, take out and give birth to the child will be given Here. These councils do not replace with themselves supervision and treatment at gynecologists, endocrinologists, and the it is more - surgeons, but are other things being equal capable to help significantly. Sometimes just miracles do not worse than the teacher Yoda with Darth Vader on couple. There is a simple example.

a Certain couple passionately wants to have the child. For the sake of it long voyage on doctors, sometimes - and to healers together is undertaken. The suitcase of drugs is eaten and drunk, the weighty roll of money - without results flies to a fire chamber of health care. The desperate people take the kid from orphanage, and soon and at them without any medical intervention replenishment is expected Why? And that is why - this woman was already ready to a child-bearing because she thanks to the last actions transferred herself to a psychological role of mother.

Age roles it is possible to allocate much: the girl - the child (game, dependence, not created sexuality), the girl - the teenager (grotesque exaggerated copy of the adult), a female prepotent and recessive (search and deduction of the partner), mother (actually age of the birth and education of posterity), the senhora (public option of mother - it all children) and, at last, grows old (transfer of spiritual experience). With passport age it has nothing in common - some to pension are infantile, others and at teenage age of a staritsa Rasputina in a skirt is not worse. What concrete recommendations are pertinent here?

1. Who you are now? Whether you break the recessive nature the prepotent behavior imposed by mass stereotypes - not the prepotent female, but a unisex will turn out? On the contrary - the same. Live in beat the temperament.

2. Where you now? Perhaps, to a maternal stage to you it is still far. It is necessary to pass all previous stages, at least through artificially modelled quests . And suddenly, on the contrary, you are too enticed by public activity of senhoras or a post together with a prayer as attributes of a starchestvo? Then it is necessary to win back back! So good professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists and other) to you on this path. Even Myunkhgauzen for hair from a bog pulled out himself. In cooperation with professionals it will be easy for you to outdo it - having drunk, for example, water from a colander or having turned forcemeat back into meat. Only it is difficult to write it, but to do - much more simply and more fascinatingly.

3. If all - on the majority of indicators of outlook and behavior you obviously feel at a maternal stage - you need a voluntary post. It means - not to starve and not to pray, and, first of all, to learn to think critically in relation to own way of life and the culture surrounding us because they are through boleznetvorna. The village, fresh air, healthy intelligent work at the same food and eradication of addictions - the remarkable recipe. Criterion of success - You feel sick from TV and other mass media, important subjects many until then seem ridiculous, and high technologies - vain. You do not trust? Look how breed intellectually - backward (yes, those). You still consider them worse than? Then why consciously you will not assimilate to healthy manifestations of their behavior? And intelligence Intelligence - business temporary, and all of us the couple of minutes and a reinforcing rod separate from intellectual disability

4. As a result - you do not fight, you it is simple to eat in that zero an enlightened state when forces are off to commit criminal act, but not on run in a wheel and intellectual masturbation different there. Bad events rush by as oil around a knife

5. You do not pursue surplus of sex, especially in its modern options - promiscuity, self-affirmation and other evil spirits. The same is also with a diet. You remember: the beautiful woman is healthy, and healthy - that who can give rise. Leave diets to movie stars and we designate. Grant

, for today enough - it is necessary to digest still all this, and that the author here together with a negative supposedly obscured. Of course, it is from outside simpler to advise someone to adopt or at least to get animals, or there to look after nephews. What, is possible and so, but let any your action will be intelligent. And there and the result will be put.