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How to make the weighed decisions?

Are very frequent, in minutes both usual household, and the global choice, we take a sheet of paper and a pencil in hand. We divide a leaf at least in two, we register the name of each of alternatives in headings of columns ( to move - not to move to marry - not to marry on the economist or on the lawyer ) . It is possible to count further pluses which totally follow from each choice. Having put them arithmetically, we can come to a conclusion about what, for example, to move to us so far early as life on the former place conceals in itself as much pluses, as well as on estimated new.

Simple example: the former housing - is closer to work, is closer to parents, it is more than free time, there are no debt obligations. Life on the new place in the improved conditions - the best opportunities of rest, is more than compliance to, feeling of safety, feeling of comfort. It would seem, all exactly on 4, and that will do. But, not here - that was.

More progressive way of fight against doubts is that in each of alternatives three more columns fit in: importance of an indicator, probability of its constancy (from 1 to 10 points) and work of these two sizes. Then in the right bottom corner of a column we receive a certain total amount of points which will be much more informative, than collecting it is plus and minuses . we Will look at

that actually turns out with moving. Let`s assume, we live on the former place, and then: the proximity to work - 4 and 8 (increased - 32), is more than free time - 4 and 8 respectively (32), there are no debts - 10 and 10 (all - 100), proximity to the family - 4 and 8 (32 points). Total - 196 points totally. We decide to move: the best rest - 7 and 4 (a result - 28), compliance to - 7 and 5 (only 35), feeling of safety - 6 and 6 (all - 36), comfortable conditions - also 6 and 6 (36 points). Totally - 135 points. To move with such installations and resources still precipitately.

One more example - from area of work. Let`s assume, offer increase. Pluses of former work: it is more than free time (the importance - 4 points, probability - 5, total - 20 points), it is less than risk (4 we multiply on 6, it is equal to 24), it is better than the relation on a workplace in collective (5 to increase on 5, we receive 25), it is less than hassle (same 25 points). A total amount - 94 points. And here advantages of work with career increase: it is more than authority (5 we multiply on 6, as a result of 30 points), it is more than opportunities (30 again), the separate office (4 to increase on 5, as a result of 20), is more than comfort (5 on 5 - 25 points), feeling of success - 6 and 6 according to (36 points). In the sum it gives us at calculations even 141 points. Probably, game is worth the candle, despite of some inconveniences.

This method can become a useful habit, it is easy for it to teach others, it is very universal and democratic. The weighed decisions and to you!