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Why young people use drugs?

From - for what many young people begin to do drugs and become addicts? Obviously not from good life. Which of us never had a thought: And well all to devils to get drunk and . ? or as in one song it is sung It is so sad what wants to be smoked . I think that practically everyone, anyway, caught itself(himself) on similar thought. Whether and from good life we are guilty it?

Another matter - to possess sufficient strength of mind not to give in to it to a temptation . Apparently, any potential addict does not possess it. Therefore - that they, are generally so young. Whether often you saw strong in spirit, experienced and grown wise experience of children? Even somehow does not match. It does not happen at all.

You, can imagine such picture: The person feels that his life only - only began. He watches it and learns to live. From the date of the birth the person aspires to something good joyful and interesting. And he heart perfectly understands that he is created to rejoice and enjoy life. He is engaged in so and so for satisfaction of the interest. In life there is a lot of interesting.

And if to perceive life as game, then this person will play the game, while will not lose the enthusiasm. But life (parents, school, society etc.) dictates the terms. And sometimes she is incredibly rigid, difficult and unclear. This person - to our friend - in many respects lacks life experience, knowledge and abilities successfully to communicate, solve problems, to try to obtain success and to be happy. It lacks abilities to live fully. Add to it the powerful pressure of foreign opinions which are not causing in it a consent from adults, teachers, parents, and all society in general claiming as as it is correct.

An essence not in that, he is right or is wrong, and that these foreign opinions do not cause in it an internal consent and that them put pressure upon it. Similar pressure deprives of an opportunity to make own decisions, and this very unpleasant state. It beats out the person from that environment which could keep him from the use of drugs still.

It was necessary to add only one, personal problem, for example, quarrel with darling. And here, before us the potential addict. He all the life aspired fortunately, but from - for lack of ability to live, did not try to obtain it - sadly. Now this quarrel with darling and misunderstanding of surrounding people - is sad. Of course, how not to appear at such moment warm to the interlocutor, the acquaintance of the acquaintance who will tell:

- Hear that you so strained, relax. You live what still it is necessary to you from life? On prikurn, will feel better - stretching a jamb with hemp. And, as a rule, get a light because at this moment life stops being illusive race behind happiness. It appears at our friend in all the appearance, becoming incredibly real.

From the first inhaling he will inevitably receive tremendous feelings. Here it is necessary to pay tribute to these chemicals - they are really capable to give to the person huge pleasure, but only on several times, then there will be one tortures. It is true, and it does not need to be hidden as well as the fact that, they are deadly. Drugs are a poison.

Nevertheless at these moments of the first high the majority decides that it is that they looked for all the life. And they are right. That state at which the person feels courageous vigorous, strong in spirit, self-assured, cheerful, cheerful and very vigorous when any problem seems insignificant is a state and there is what they looked for what they aspired to. And we cannot reproach them for it. They are wrong only in one, in the choice of means of achievement of this state, that is drugs. Drugs do not solve a problem. And after a while after a high everything will return on the places: freight of last quarrel, misunderstanding of people around, absence of happiness, etc. etc. of

From the fact that the person is in ecstasy he will not learn to communicate and find correctly a common language with any person, he will not learn to find the right decisions and to try to obtain success. For this purpose it is necessary to understand well life, to possess the data allowing the nobility that such communication what is a problem, data on how to try to obtain mutual understanding how to solve problems. It is necessary to know a lot of things about life.

In it all essence of a drug addiction. The addict continues to do drugs because to him it is painful at heart and it is devilishly boring to live. Because he is not able to reach happiness in a different way. He is not able to live, he is not able to solve problems, he is not able to communicate, he is not able to try to obtain success. Inability to lead full-fledged life forces it to continue to do drugs that to leave from mental anguish and deadly melancholy. Look at any addict, and you are convinced of it. It just has no other way to solve this problem, he does not see it.

In society there is an opinion that drug addiction is caused by biochemical processes in an organism. It is only superficial vision of a problem. Let`s assume, questions of physical dependence are solvable, but how to be with that nasty life in which there is an addict?! How to be with it? Somebody, maybe, will suggest it to play sports, business or still something useful, to lead a healthy lifestyle, etc. But then there is a question how it will make it and will receive from it success if it is not capable to communicate, find fully an essence of problems, to solve them and to see life such what it is (interesting and pleasant)? If he looks at life through a prism of the deep experiences and serious personal problems connected with a drug addiction? How?!

Actually to separate the addict from physical need for drugs, it is possible in no time. But on it the problem is not solved. Once it already was in such state, and it had no physical need for drugs, but something induced it to address them for help . You catch thought?

Lack of RIGHT stable data on what is life about its components and its laws deprives of ANY an opportunity to lead full-fledged happy life. Including addict.