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How to purify air?

are that air needs to be purified very few people doubt. Especially, we it consume per day 15 - 18 kilograms. Water and food - 3 and 0. 5 respectively.

Air purifiers there is a set. The bulk brings together them only dust. The chemistry is collected by absorbent carbon. But, having gained 7 - 10 percent from the weight, he does not act any more. It is necessary to buy new. And it is expensive. If not to change, bacteria begin to breed there, there are smells etc. And it becomes more harmful than if it was not in general. The same can be told also about other filters - collectors.

Therefore I was struck by a plant a chlorophytum. This plant not only collects, but also processes air pollutions into substances, useful to itself. Quite so the nature self-cleans. She, unlike us, does not accumulate and does not bury waste. And harmful turns into useful.

As the chlorophytum works?

All of us passed photosynthesis in school. So plants produce oxygen under the influence of light. And very few people know about a photocatalysis. Motorists know that in exhaust pipes of foreign cars there is a catalyst which destroys exhaust gases and not burned down fuel. But it is the thermocatalysis occurring at high temperature and which is doing not suit for rooms. The photocatalysis, as appears from the name, works under the influence of a sunlight at a usual temperature.

In leaves of a chlorophytum there are special substances - photocatalysts. They are activated under the influence of a sunlight ultraviolet. When leaves are blown by air, harmful chemicals and even bacteria, having concerned the active catalyst, collapse. The catalyst at the same time is not spent and the ultraviolet activates it again. By simple chemical transformations eventually water and carbon dioxide are formed. They promote rapid growth of a plant. And on leaves new escapes are formed.

But a chlorophytum - a houseplant. Inside there is even no lit room of an ultraviolet, and air in the room is not purified.

It is possible to buy, of course, a house sunbed for suntan and its lamps to light a flower. Moreover to put the fan to blow in a plant.

Quite so professor - the chemist Evgeny Savinov thought about 15 years ago. It dealt with fundamental problems of solar power and a natural photocatalysis. His daughter had an allergy. It tried all filters which are available then, including NERA brought from America. Nothing helped. Then Evgeny Nikolaevich took photocatalyst powder, the benefit it worked at Institute of a catalysis Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Sciences, a lamp for suntan and the fan. Manufactured the device and placed it in the room of the daughter. The device was quite noisy and bulky, but the girl ceased to cough and could sleep peacefully.

This device also became a prototype of unique photocatalytic cleaners - the obezzarazhivatel of air developed by the Russian scientists.

As in them the natural phenomenon, they is used:

In - the first, are absolutely safe and can settle down even over the child`s bed.

In - the second, the range of their action is extremely wide - from exhaust gases, any smells and chemical compounds to bacteria and viruses.

In the third, are economic. Household appliances consume only 40 Watts and are calculated on continuous work.

In the fourth, do not demand any replaceable elements as nothing is accumulated, and decompose to carbon dioxide and water.

Here I am forced to stop. I can tell about the existing models as to choose them how effectively to use, where to buy and how many they stand. But it will be already advertizing.

I wish all health!